Household Machine Tool

Household machine tool, also known as desktop machine tool, micro machine tool. It belongs to the category of small machine tools.

Household Machine Tool

Home machine tools are actually a reduced or simplified version of industrial machine tools.

Generally more than 1 meter long, no more than 100 kilograms, as long as two people can move.

It can process common steel and non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, plastic, wood and other materials.

Classification of household machine tools

According to the processing technology classification, household machine tools can be divided into lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, drilling and milling machines, multi-tool machines, straightening machines, polishing machines, and so on.

Classified by control method, it can be divided into ordinary household machine tools and CNC household machine tools.

Application of household machine tools

The main purpose of household machine tools is for some DIY players who like to do it themselves, and to process the mechanical parts needed for houses, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, home appliances, sports equipment and various household equipment at home.

Household machine tools are very common in developed countries in Europe and America. The tools in some super-player studios are as much as a small factory. All kinds of tools and household machine tools are dazzling for lathe, pliers, milling, planing, grinding, casting, welding etc.

The work that can be done in the factory can be done almost here, but it is impossible to make too large parts.

Application prospects:

  1. More and more private cars are gradually entering the home, and house decoration is becoming more and more common.

With the car, it is necessary to repair; decoration, you need a variety of spare parts. Household machine tools become the first choice for their own hands-on processing.

  1. It is used for the maintenance of aircraft model, ship models and electric toys. It is used by teenagers who love these sports to make, process and repair at home.
  2. More access to SMEs. Including township and village enterprises, privately run enterprises, collective small enterprises, small-scale joint-stock enterprises, etc. for equipment maintenance and small batch processing.
  3. More access to internship factories such as colleges and technical schools.

With the increase in the cultivation of practical skills talents in China, the training of CNC machine tool operators and technicians has been increased.

Household machine tools and small CNC machines will enter more internship factories in these schools.


The future development of household machine tools is toward the direction of numerical control and computer control, and continuously improve the machining accuracy and the improvement of tools and fixtures.

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