How Much Does a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cost?

No matter what kind of equipment, price factors have a great impact on customers’ purchase intention.

Laser cutting machines are no exception.

When consulting, the first sentence the customer asked was: “how much is the price of a laser cutting machine?”.

Customers usually shop around before buying laser cutting machines, and the quotations given by different manufacturers are often different.

The following price list of fiber laser cutting machine comes from a well-known manufacturer in China in 2021:

Model Power (W) Laser Source
IPG (USD) nLight (USD) Raycus (USD)
1530 500 18,571 17,857 17,500
700 21,786 21,429 20,714
1000 26,429 25,714 23,214
1500 33,929 32,143 28,929
2000 48,214 45,000 41,429
3000 75,714 61,071 51,429
4000 84,286 82,143 64,286
1540 500 20,000 19,286 18,571
700 23,571 22,500 22,143
1000 27,857 27,143 24,286
1500 35,357 33,571 30,357
2000 49,286 46,429 42,500
3000 77,143 62,143 52,857
4000 86,429 83,571 65,714
2040 500 21,429 20,714 20,000
700 24,286 23,571 23,214
1000 28,929 28,571 25,714
1500 36,429 35,000 31,429
2000 50,714 47,857 43,929
3000 78,571 63,571 54,286
4000 87,500 83,571 67,143
1560 500 22,500 22,143 21,429
700 25,714 25,000 24,643
1000 30,357 29,643 27,143
1500 37,857 36,071 32,857
2000 52,143 48,929 45,000
3000 80,000 65,000 55,714
4000 88,571 86,429 68,571
6020 500 24,286 23,214 22,857
700 27,143 26,429 25,714
1000 31,429 31,071 28,571
1500 39,286 37,500 34,286
2000 53,571 50,357 46,429
3000 81,071 66,429 56,786
4000 90,000 87,500 69,643
2560 500 25,000 24,643 23,929
700 28,571 27,857 27,143
1000 32,857 32,143 29,643
1500 40,714 38,571 35,714
2000 54,643 51,429 47,857
3000 82,143 67,857 57,857
4000 91,429 101,429 70,714

Customers will inevitably ask, “Why are the prices of the same things so different from those of different manufacturers? Is there something that we don’t know? “

Today, I’ll answer your questions and take you to decrypt the price of the laser cutting machine.

In recent years, with the development of the laser industry, the advantages of laser cutting have become more and more obvious.

From the traditional plasma cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, CNC punch, solid-state laser cutting machine to the current optical fiber laser cutting machine, more and more customers choose an effective, economic and environmentally friendly optical fiber laser cutting machine.

As a new product in line with the market trend, the laser cutting machine is deeply welcomed by the majority of users with its characteristics of precision and high cutting speed.

This is a very happy thing for the practitioners of laser cutting machine

But now, the laser cutting machines on the market are mixed, and the prices are different: some tens of thousands, some hundreds of thousands, and some businesses even mark “6000 XX laser cutting machines”, which is a direct deception.

What’s more, some sellers only mark the price, blur the address or even don’t mark the address, so that users who can’t visit don’t know that this is actually a small workshop.

For customers, if they want to know the price of a laser cutting machine, the more they ask, the more confused they will be.

With the development of laser technology, the laser is becoming more and more popular in sheet metal processing, environmental protection equipment, cabinet, agricultural machinery, kitchenware and bathroom, auto parts, sports equipment, elevator equipment, advertising signs industries etc.

Laser has become a tool, and the price has dropped a lot compared with a few years ago.

However, the price of fiber laser cutting machine is higher than that of ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machine.

The price of a 1000W fiber laser cutting machine is between 30000USD and 80000USD.

Although the price of fiber laser cutting machine is high and the investment in the early stage is large, it will have good benefits in the later stage because of its fast cutting speed, high work efficiency and high cutting precision.

As for why different manufacturers have very different prices?

The quotations of laser cutting machines from different manufacturers vary a lot. In fact, the accessories used for each equipment are very different.

The configuration and performance are quite different, not to mention the after-sales service of different brands of laser equipment.

It’s like buying a car. It’s not over when you buy it.

The price of large-scale optical fiber laser cutting machine is expensive. For enterprises who buy an optical fiber cutting machine, the service has just begun.

Different laser equipment is selected to apply to different production processes and process requirements of different degrees of refinement. The performance of the laser cutting machine to be purchased is different.

Therefore, the quotation of laser cutting machines must be different from different manufacturers.

Therefore, price is only one of the factors that we need to consider when we buy machines, but it is by no means the only one.

If you blindly pursue low prices, the gains may outweigh the losses.

So, what are the factors affecting the price of metal laser cutting machines?

Factors affecting the price of laser cutting machine

When purchasing machinery in the market, don’t always focus on the price, especially don’t believe in publicity tactics saying cheap products and good quality.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

In the production process, price and quality are in direct proportion, whether imported or domestic.

In recent years, everyone agrees that cheap goods are not good goods, and good goods are not cheap. In particular, laser industrial machine tools and equipment follow this truth.

Moreover, the cost and links of the cutting machine are mainly in accessories and manpower.

Many optical fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers have set up agents due to the expansion of the sales network, but the price of agents is generally a little more expensive than that directly purchased by manufacturers, which leads to the price difference of optical fiber laser cutting machines.

In fact, the price of the laser cutting machine is the lowest when it is shipped from the factory.

How to select laser cutting machine manufacturers, you can refer to the ranking of the top 10 laser cutting machine manufacturers.

In fact, the price of an optical fiber laser cutting machine will vary whether it is the factory price before the optical fiber laser cutting machine leaves the factory or the supply price of agent dealers.

Because the cost of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is the same, but the operating cost is different. Naturally, the sales pricing is also different.

Factors affecting the price of metal laser cutting machines are listed below:

1. Brand of laser cutting machine

Of course, the brand size determines the price of equipment, which is a more abstract concept.

We can understand that big brands are much more secure than small factories in terms of equipment quality, equipment parts, equipment performance, technology and after-sales service.

These belong to an added value of products and a general rule of the laser cutting machine market.

Therefore, the price of big brands of laser cutting machines will be higher than that of small brands.

2. Bed size

Laser cutting machine manufacturers generally have several standard bed sizes, and according to the special needs of customers, they can also customize non-standard machine tools in line with customer’s requirements.

The standard size is the specification made by the manufacturer all the time, but the non-standard size needs to be specially customized, so the laser cutting machine with a customized bed is more expensive than the one with a standard size.

3. Brand of laser source

As we all know, laser source is the core optical component of the laser cutting machine

The brands of laser cutting machines are different, the laser beam quality is also very different, and the price of laser source varies greatly with different brands.

At present, the mature laser source brands include IPG, nlight and raycus.

4. Other key parts of laser cutting machine

The brand and quality of other key parts such as guide rail, rack and pinion, servo motor and so on also lead to different prices.

Therefore, when users buy laser cutting machines, they must pay attention to the specific configuration and not be blindly tempted by low prices.

5. Power

For manufacturers of the same brand, the higher the equipment power, the higher the price.

Therefore, before make the inquiry, you must know the material and thickness you want to cut, as well as your demand for cutting speed and production capacity.

Generally speaking, brand awareness can easily induce customers to buy laser cutting machines.

In fact, when purchasing laser cutting machine, users should combine brand, power and after-sales service.

An excellent laser cutting machine manufacturer should not only have a good reputation but also have more laser cutting machines with different powers, so that customers can choose equipment according to their own needs.

In addition, considering the use of equipment, good after-sales service is also very important, which will make customers feel a better machine operation experience.

Wrap it up

From the above, we know that the price of the laser cutting machine is affected by many factors.

Different brands, bed size, configuration, parts and other factors determine that the price of laser cutting machine is also very different. When choosing a laser cutting machine, we must take the key points mentioned in this post into account, and then make the decision.

I believe that through comparison, you will be able to buy the equipment that best meets your needs.

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