How to Choose Linear Cylindrical Guide?

How to Choose Linear Cylindrical Guide

1) High positioning accuracy

When using a linear guide as a guide, the friction of the linear guide is rolling friction.

Not only does the friction coefficient decrease to 1/50 of the sliding guide, but the difference between the dynamic friction and the static friction also becomes small.

Therefore, when the load platform moves, there is no slip phenomenon, and high positioning accuracy can be achieved.

2) Reduce wear and tear and maintain high precision for a long time

The traditional sliding guide rails inevitably cause poor movement of the platform due to the reverse flow of the oil film, and the lubrication is insufficient due to the movement, which causes the wear of the running rail contact surface, thereby affecting the accuracy.

The wear of the rolling guide is very small, so the equipment can maintain high precision for a long time.

3) Suitable for high-speed motion and greatly reduce the driving power required for the equipment.

Since the friction of the linear guide is very small, only a small force is required to move the load platform, especially when the device works in a reciprocating manner, the power loss of the device can be significantly reduced.

And because of the small amount of heat generated by friction, it can be applied to high-speed motion.

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