How to Deal With the Dust of Plasma Cutting Machine?

With the increasing application of plasma cutting machines, the smoke and dust generated when cutting steel plates also bring the problem of air pollution.

Especially today, with more and more strict requirements, if these smoke and dust still diffuse in the workshop, the factory may be required to close down for rectification.

Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a smoke and dust treatment method to treat these waste gases.

The treatment of smoke and dust generated during plasma cutting has also been briefly introduced before.

This post introduces the treatment methods of plasma cutting smoke and dust, hoping to be of some help to you.

How To Deal With The Dust Of Plasma Cutting Machine

For the dust treatment of plasma cutting machine, two different methods can be adopted: dry treatment method and wet treatment method.

1. Treatment method of plasma cutting dust

Wet treatment

The wet treatment method is to add a water bed under the plasma cutting machine.

When cutting, the workpiece is put into the water.

During the cutting process, it is completely cut under the water, and the harmful substances produced during cutting are captured by water.

This treatment method is also widely used, but this operation will cause water pollution and form waste water.

Waste water is also polluted and has to be treated.

Moreover, it is cold in northern areas and is easy to freeze in winter.

This treatment method is not suitable for the purification of metal cutting dust that produces explosive dust in cutting, such as aluminum and magnesium.

Another disadvantage of wet dust removal is that the steel plate is easy to rusts in contact with water during cutting, and the underwater cutting efficiency is low.

Dry treatment

The dry treatment method is to collect the smoke and dust during plasma cutting.

The collection method can choose side suction, lower suction or upper suction.

The smoke and dust are directly sucked into the pipeline by the fan.

A dust removal equipment is added at the back of the pipeline to purify the collected smoke and dust directly through the dust removal equipment and then discharged into the workshop or outside the workshop.

Within the design air volume, the purified smoke and dust can meet the requirements of environmental protection emission.

The dry treatment method is also constantly updated with the development of the cutting machine.

Previously, it was used to install a movable suction cover on the cutting head.

However, in practical application, it was found that due to the narrow gap between the steel plate and the cutting position, most of the smoke and dust are in the lower part of the steel plate, and the dust suction cover on the upper part can not achieve the effect of smoking and dust removal.

Dry treatment

2. Treatment method of plasma cutting dust

Treatment method of plasma cutting dust

Treatment method of plasma cutting dust:

Smoke and dust gas – suction pipe outside the cutting platform – main pipe – pulse filter cartridge dust collector / pulse bag dust collector – clean air discharge up to standard

At present, side suction is often used. The plasma cutting machine is equipped with sliding suction trolley and suction pipe.

When the plasma cutting machine is working, the sliding suction trolley will suck the smoke into the dust purification equipment, so as to filter the smoke.

It is generally used for cutting platforms more than 3.5 meters.

The structure is relatively simple, the suction effect is good, and the fan power is small, which can effectively control the later use cost.

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