How to Reduce the Consumption of Fine Plasma Consumables?

In order to reduce the cost of loader products, the cutting and blanking cost is reduced by improving the utilization rate of necessary materials (cooling water pipe, electrode, vortex ring, nozzle, nozzle cap, protective cap and vortex gas cap) during plasma cutting and blanking.

With the increasing market competition, cost-effective products have become the first choice for customers, while the product cost composed of raw material cost, energy consumption, employee salary, equipment depreciation and manufacturing cost is increasing, resulting in less and less room for the company’s profit to rise.

The composition of product cost is shown in Fig. 1.

In order to respond to the company’s call to “strengthen cost control” and win greater profits for the company, we urgently need to reduce the cost of equipment consumables.

Fig. 1 product cost composition

Since low value consumables are the main component of manufacturing cost, improving the utilization rate of low value consumables is a means to improve profit space.

Cooling water pipe, electrode, vortex ring, nozzle, nozzle cap, protective cap and vortex gas cap are necessary materials for plasma cutting.

Improving the utilization rate of these materials will improve the profit of the product to a certain extent.

Loss classification of plasma cutting head

By analyzing the consumption of plasma low value consumables in June, it is concluded that the consumption of electrode and nozzle is the largest.

Analyze the reasons for the consumption of these two consumables, and take measures to improve their utilization, so as to reduce the consumption of these two consumables.

The damage form of electrode is mainly depression (see Fig. 2a);

The main damage forms of nozzle cap and vortex gas cap are: burn, hole out of round and hole diameter becoming larger (see Fig. 2b);

The main damage forms of the nozzle are: hole out of round, burn and hole diameter becoming larger (see Fig. 2c);

The main damage forms of protective cap are: deformation, scratch and overdenture (see Fig. 2d);

The damage form of vortex ring is mainly broken;

The main damage form of cooling water pipe is burning out with the gun.

Fig. 2 Damage of plasma cutting head components

Damage causes and improvement measures of plasma cutting head

First, the number of perforations in blanking programming.

During blanking, each piece cut must be perforated first, and then the material can be arranged according to the shape of the part.

If you want to improve the service life of the electrode, you should first reduce the number of perforations and cutting length, but the cutting length is directly related to the product design and cannot be changed at will.

Therefore, we will focus on reducing the number of perforations.

The normal cutting procedure needs to start the gun once for each closed contour, so studying how to combine several contours for cutting will directly reduce the number of perforation.

The improved blanking and cutting is shown in Fig. 3.

Fig. 3 Blanking and cutting after improvement

Second, the pressure of the plasma pipeline is insufficient.

The insufficient pressure in the pipeline directly affects the cutting quality of the plasma cutting torch, so that the cutting head can be cut only after the distance of the cutting head decreases, so it increases the risk of collision damage to the cutting head.

In case of insufficient pressure, the pump shall be configured to increase the internal pressure of the pipeline, so as to reduce the loss of the cutting nozzle.

By adopting the above measures, the loss of cutting nozzle is significantly reduced, as shown in Fig. 4.

After two months of improvement, the consumption of plasma cutting head consumables continued to decrease.

Fig. 4 Loss trend of plasma cutting head

Third, during blanking and hole cutting, the waste falls into the grid and is automatically raised to make the cutting gun drop and hit the motherboard and hurt the cutting nozzle.

Improvement measures: when cutting the hole, the plane falling probe will automatically adjust the height, and it is very easy to bump the probe when the hole is especially small.

Through the newly established small hole database, the automatic height adjustment command can be automatically closed when cutting the hole, and the probe will not fall, so as to reduce the situation of touching the gun.

In summary

After analyzing the loss of plasma cutting head parts, the main influencing factors are found out: perforation times, closed contour, pipeline pressure and cutting size.

By taking corresponding effective measures, the loss of plasma cutting head parts is significantly reduced.

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