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Troubleshooting Your HVAC Air Duct Machine: Essential Tips


Air Duct Machine Troubleshooting

Plate Corrugating

Adjusting the gap between upper and lower roller through handwheel and screw rod to prevent plate for corrugating.

Punch & Notching Failure

Check whether the blade has been damaged. Replace it if necessary.

Check the system pressure. If the pressure is not sufficient, adjust it. If the cutting cannot be performed even after pressurizing to the required value, there may be an internal leak. Check for any internal leaks and repair them. Replace the hydraulic cylinder if necessary.

If the pressure cannot be adjusted, check whether the overflow valve is damaged. Repair or replace the hydraulic valve accordingly.

Cutting & Bending Don’t Work

Please check if the gap between the upper and lower blade is too large or if the blade’s edge is damaged. Based on the actual situation, adjust the gap or replace the blade.

Next, inspect the system pressure. If it’s insufficient, disassemble the main cylinder hose and fill the opening with a plug. Then, adjust the upward and downward pressure using the control switch. If the pressure in both directions is normal, repair or replace the hydraulic cylinder.

If there is no pressure in both directions, plug the oil supply line of the oil pump and check again. If there is still no pressure, repair or replace the oil pump and safety overflow valve.

In case only one side has normal pressure, disassemble the main cylinder parts and check if there are any other leakage conditions. If yes, replace the solenoid directional valve.

The De-coiler Slip, Can’t Feeding

  1. If the belt is not tensioning, adjust the tightening device.
  2. If belt rupture or wear badly, replace the belt.
  3. Check whether the switch wiring is good.
  4. Check whether the motor rotating and rotating direction, if not rotate, check whether the stroke switch is turned on.

Levelling & Beading Not Parallel

Check the clearance between the upper and lower roller, if excessive clearance, then cannot adjust the evenness, adjust the clearance between the rolls.


  1. Check whether the plate thickness is within the processing capacity scope.
  2. Check the plate material.

Plate Can’t Go In The Leveling Machine Smoothly

  1. Adjust the fixed plate of feeding limit device.
  2. Check whether the plate thickness complies with standards.

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