Hydraulic Press

Introduction to hydraulic press

The hydraulic press is the first fully automatic and intelligent servo electro-hydraulic compound press in the stamping equipment industry.

Compared with traditional punching machines and injection molding machines, it has made great breakthroughs in mechanical structure, control system and function.

The hydraulic press adopts the self-developed double dead loop servo system control method, which is highly humanized, fully automated, intelligent and powerful.

The main advantages of hydraulic punching are as follows:

Quick blanking

The traditional hydraulic press is characterized by high pressure and slow speed, so the work efficiency is not high.

The servo electro-hydraulic press of the project technology has added the independent innovative servo structure design, and the response speed is fast.

It can be quickly pressurized, its pressing speed can reach above 400mm/sc, and its pressing effect is better than ordinary mechanical punching machine.

Can be widely used in the suppression of hardware or non-metal products, such as typical products are aluminum extrusion, case, strap, glasses frames and parts, photo frames, tableware, signs, locks, auto parts and hardware parts.

Stretch function

The process of making a large amount of metal into a product is called stretching.

Stretch products are widely used in life.

Tensile products are generally finished by hydraulic presses, which are not available in conventional mechanical presses.

The technical servo electro-hydraulic press of this project can perfectly stretch various products to form products, such as tableware, kitchen utensils, motor electrical metal shell, cover bottom and lighting parts.

In addition, it adds the latest touch screen technology, and can directly set parameters without mechanical contact technology, which is convenient to use and high in humanization.

Classification of hydraulic presses

Due to the wide applicability of hydraulic presses, the process of processing using hydraulic presses is varied, so the body structure of hydraulic presses is also varied.

From the form of the rack, there are vertical and horizontal.

From the perspective of the frame composition, there are column type, single arm type and frame type. The column type can be divided into four columns, two columns, three columns and multiple columns.

From the number of working cylinders, there are single cylinder, double cylinder and multi cylinder.

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