Insert Bearing With Housing

Insert Bearing With Housing


An insert bearing with housing is a bearing unit that combines rolling bearing with bearing housing.

Most of the outer spherical bearings have spherical outer diameter that is mounted with inlet bearing housing with spherical inner bore.

The structure is diverse, versatile and interchangeable.

At the same time, these bearings are also designed with a certain degree of self-alignment, easy to install, and have a double-structured sealing device that can work in harsh environments.

The bearing housing is typically cast.

Common housings are:

  • Vertical housing ( P )
  • Square housing (F)
  • Boss square housing ( FS )
  • Boss round housing (FC)
  • Diamond housing (FL)
  • Ring housing ( C )
  • Slider housing (T)

Product model

  1. With set screw outer spherical surface UC bearing;
  2. with tapered hole outer spherical surface UK bearing;

The outer spherical bearing is a high-precision component that combines grease-sealed deep groove ball bearings and various shapes of housings.

The bearing assembly can be mounted directly to the body of the mechanism with several bolts and has a centering function.

It is a product that is easy to install and use, such as the addition of grease.



When the bearing is removed and inspected, first take a picture and other methods to make a good record.

In addition, the amount of remaining lubricant is confessed and the lubricant is sampled before the bearing is cleaned.


In order to distinguish whether the removed bearing can be used from the beginning, it is necessary to check its standard accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance and cooperation surface, raceway surface, holding frame and sealing ring.

Regarding the inspection effect, it can be distinguished by the use of a conventional bearing or a bearing.

The other criteria vary depending on the mechanical function and importance, and the inspection period.

Bearings must not be used from the beginning if there are any of the following damages, and it is necessary to exchange them.

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