Intelligent Robot

The reason why intelligent robots are called intelligent robots is because they have a fairly developed “brain”

Intelligent Robot

What works in the brain is the central processor, which has a direct connection to the person who operates it.

The main thing is that such a computer can perform actions arranged according to purpose.

Because of this, we say that such robots are real robots, although their appearance may be different.

Research focus

Experts in artificial intelligence point out that computers should not only do what humans specify, but they should solve many things in the best way.

For example, the entire procedure for accounting for electricity bills or ordinary computers engaged in banking is to complete the instruction list without errors, and the computers of some scientific research centers will “think” about the problem.

The former works quickly, but there is no intelligence;

The latter stores more complex programs, and the computer is stuffed with information that mimics many of human capabilities (and in some cases even beyond our capabilities).

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