The Health Risks of Laser Welding Machines: What You Need to Know

The laser welding machine has gained widespread usage in the metal processing industry.

As a prevalent machine for laser material processing, the laser welding machine is widely employed.

The fundamental principle behind welding is the application of heat, followed by melting and cooling.

Laser welding machine

During the laser welding process, sparks may appear and are generated by the laser. Is it harmful to human health?

Laser light is emitted by atoms with high directional, brightness, monochromaticity and coherence properties.

Compared to regular light, laser light is brighter and more precise, with a single color.

As a general rule, laser light cannot be touched or seen, making it relatively safe.

However, it is important to note that the temperature of the laser beam is extremely high, so never point it at anyone.

Make sure to maintain proper ventilation during the operation of the laser welding machine.

Take care to avoid inhaling dust and metal particles.

The protective gas used is typically an inert gas, but avoid inhaling too much of it.

It is recommended to wear a dust mask during the operation.

It is best to stay away from the welding area during the welding process.

Although the laser source radiation from the laser welding machine is nearly zero, the welding process can cause two other forms of radiation: ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation.

This induced radiation is not lacking in shortwave radiation and can be harmful to the eyes and body. It’s best to stay away from the welding spot and not look directly at the light source.

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If you work near laser welding, it’s advisable to wear respiratory protection, radiation protection clothing, and eye masks.

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