Kawasaki 1Kawasaki heavy industry group started its shipbuilding business in 1878. It has established its business foundation in the fields of transportation machinery and systems, such as railway vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles famous for “Kawasaki” brand.

At the same time, in order to adapt to the changes of the times, Kawasaki heavy industry group has expanded its business to the fields of energy, environmental protection and environmental protection, including gas turbines, gas engines, energy equipment, environmental equipment, etc Including industrial machinery, hydraulic machinery, robots and other fields of industrial machinery.

At present, Kawasaki heavy industry group provides high-quality products and services through the extensive and high-end technology accumulated in its 100 year history, so as to make contributions to customers and society. In 2007, we formulated the Kawasaki group mission statement.

In this mission statement, we regard “global Kawasaki contributing to the rich life of people in the world and the future of the earth’s environment” as our highest ideal, and define the social mission of Kawasaki heavy industry group.

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