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In order to ensure the normal use of laser cutting machine, the equipment must have routine maintenance.

As the laser cutting machine using high-precision components, must be careful in the routine maintenance process, in strict accordance with the operating procedures, and arrange the specific person to do the maintenance, cannot operate brutally, so as not to damage the components.

The user should always prepare the following spare parts:

A) Acetone: 99.5% purity, less than 0.3% water, 500ml capacity.
B) Absorbent cotton: 5 packs. (Medical grade or optical grade)
C) Alcohol: 500ml, purity 99.5%+.
D) Dropper: one (medical).
E) Cotton swab: two packs.
F) Multimeter: one.


The method of installing or replacing the internal lens of the cutting head

Laser Cutting Head

1) Before installing the optical lens, pay attention to: wear clean clothes, clean hands with soap or detergent, and wear light and clean white gloves; do not touch any parts of the hand contact lens; take the lens from the side, do not touch directly to the lens coating surface.

2) When assembling the lens, do not use the mouth to blow against the lens; the lens should be placed on the clean desktop, and put a few lenses professional paper under it.

Take the lens should be careful to prevent bruises and falls, and are not allowed to exert any force on the lens coating surface; the lens holder to install lens should be cleaned, with a clean air spray gun to clean the dust and dirt in the lens holder, then, put the lens gently into the lens holder.

3) When installing the lens in the lens holder, do not use too much force to fix the lens to avoid the deformation of the lens, thus affecting the quality of the beam.

4) Precautions when replacing the optical lens:

  • Take care of the lens when removing the lens from the box in case of scratching.
  • Do not apply any pressure to the lens until the wrapping paper is not opened.
  • When removing the protective lens and focusing lens from the box, wear clean gloves, remove from the side of the lens;
  • Remove the packaging paper on the lens should avoid dust and other objects fall on the lens;
  • Remove the lens, with a gun to remove the dust on the mirror, and then put the lens on the optical lens paper;
  • Remove the dust and dirt on the lens holder and the supports, should avoid the other foreign body fell on the lens when assembling;
  • Install the lens in the lens holder, do not use too much force so as not to deform lens;
  • After the lens assembly is complete, use a clean air gun to remove the dust and foreign matter on the lens again.

Steps to clean the lens of the laser cutting machine:

  1. First blow out the dust on the mirror with a spray gun; then to remove dirt with clean cotton swab; use cotton swab with a new high-purity alcohol or acetone do circular motion from the center of the lens along the, scrub the lens, exchange another clean cotton swab after one round circle, repeat the above operation until the lens is clean;
  2. Use a clean cloth to clean the lens, remove the residual marks on the mirror, be careful not to scratch the mirror; clean the lens to get plenty of light to observe, if the lens reflection is good, that the lens has been cleaned, if the reflection of the lens is not good, you have to continue to clean the lens;, place the cleaned lens in the mirror base in accordance with the above method. Prohibit the use of the used cotton swab to operate.

Storage of optical lenses

1) Proper storage of optical lens can keep the quality of the lens.

2) Storage environment temperature 10 ~ 30 ℃, the lens cannot be placed in the freezer or similar environment, or it will be condensed when removing out, very easy to damage the lens; storage environment temperature cannot be greater than 30 ℃, otherwise, it will affect the lens surface coating.

3) The lens stored in the box, the lens should be placed in a non-vibrating environment, or likely to cause deformation of the lens, thus affecting the performance of the lens.

Electrical inspection

Mainly to check the stability of the daily supply voltage, to keep the machine electrical cabinet clean,  well ventilated. Check the integrity and safety of each part of the line.

Maintenance cycle

A) The maintenance cycle of the laser, chiller and air compressor should according to the maintenance cycle specified in the instruction manual.

B) the first time machine maintenance should after the first 24 hours use, 100 hours later do the maintenance again, six months later do another overhaul, until then do the maintenance every six months or one year (depending on customer specific circumstances).

Maintenance during operation

Before running the machine, please overhaul the laser cutting machine according to the daily inspection list. If an abnormal sound occurs during machine operation, please stop it immediately and check. After finishing using the laser cutting machine, please stop according to the order, and clean-up the machine table and the site around the machine, do not place irrelevant items on the machine table or control panel.

  • Regularly check the machine to focus on the oil level of the lubrication pump (found inadequate, timely filling the oil), and the appropriate extension of the manual refueling time, to ensure that the X-axis guide, Y-axis guide full filling of lubricants to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the lubrication of the moving parts to extend the X, Y-axis guide life;
  • The Z-axis linear guide and the dust on the screw shaft must be cleaned once a week and add the engine oil
  • Check whether the water, air pipe damaged once a week, if damaged, should promptly notify our company staff for maintenance;
  • Clean the air every week to filter the debris dust;
  • Check internal cooling water level of the water cooler every week, if not enough please add in time.
  • Check the contamination of the focusing lens every half month, and clean the optical lens in time to ensure its service life.
  • Check the protective mirror once a day to protect the cutting effect of the lens;
  • Check the gas path once a month to remove the hidden danger;
  • Regularly check whether the external cable has been damaged, check the distribution cabinet line interface with or without loosening;
  • After the laser cutting machine is installed, the levelness of the machine should be adjusted after six months of use to ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine;

Maintenance for long-term not use

When the machine is not used for long periods of time, please apply butter to the moving parts of the machine tool, wrap the anti-embroidered paper, and check the rusty parts regularly, do rust removal and anti-rust treatment for the rusted parts. (add dust cover if have enough budget), to clean and check the machine regularly.

Problems Causes Solutions
Parts are processed without auxiliary gas output 1. lack of pressure; 1. check the air pressure;
2. the solenoid valve or wireline is broken; 2. check the solenoid valve or solenoid valve line
There is an abnormal sound in the movement of the axis 1. no lubricants on the moving parts; 1. add lubricants;
2. check the movement path is safe 2. check the moving parts path safety
There is no laser at the cutting head. or the light is weak 1. no light signal; 1. check the PWM signal line;
2. laser or fiber is broken; 2. check whether the laser alarm;
3. nozzle block; optical path partial; 3. replace the nozzle; 4. adjust the optical path
The cutting pattern does not match the size of the drawing 1. the program errors; 1. read the instructions. check the operation is correct;
2. the positioning accuracy has been affected; 2. check the accuracy of the machine is qualified;
3. the servo is damaged; 3. replace or repair the servo system