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Before using this laser cutting machine, please grasp the machine-related operation method and understand the operation of the various parts of the machine, the correct operation is the effective measures to ensure the normal work of the laser cutting machine and personal safety. When using the laser cutting machine, follow the following precautions and inspections before use.

Preparation and inspection before use the laser cutter

A) Check whether the machine oil level is in the normal range, otherwise add the oil to the normal range.

B) Check the relevant water, gas channel, to ensure that the air and water flow do not leak, and the quality of gas and cooling water is normal, not contaminated.

C) Check the coaxially of the laser and the gas nozzle to ensure that the laser beam is ejected from the center of the gas nozzle.

D) Check whether the mouth is in accordance with the cutting process requirements, otherwise, replace the appropriate cutting gas nozzle.

E) Check whether the auxiliary gas for cutting is properly connected, otherwise access the auxiliary gas for cutting and ensure that the gas pressure has been adjusted to the appropriate level.

Safety precautions and safety signs before use and in use

Laser cutting machine usage and operation

Represents “Attention”, does not follow the correct operation could result in personal injury or damage to the equipment

Laser cutting machine usage and operation

Represents there is a laser beam through, do not pass from the beam, otherwise, it will cause burns on the human body or even life-threatening

Laser cutting machine usage and operation

Represents there is a high-voltage power supply danger, do not close to high pressure, otherwise, it will cause electric shock or even life-threatening


A) No person shall, at any time, refrain from placing the eye in the direction of the laser (including the red light).

B) When opening the shutter, prohibit people and non-work items in the laser irradiation range.

C) The operator should wear protective glasses, the operator is prohibited to leave during the operation of the laser cutting machine.

D) If an abnormality occurs during machine use, press the emergency stop switch immediately or turn off the main power supply.

E) During use, the cooling water temperature and working gas pressure should always be checked.

F) Operate the equipment with the operating license, comply with safe operating procedures, non-machine tool staff is strictly prohibited operation.

G) The laser-equipped on the laser cutting machine is 4 level laser products, the laser is invisible light, the shot beam, lens reflection and diffuse light may cause damage to the human body (especially the eye), the personnel at the site should pay attention to protection, and to prevent fire occurrence.

H) Exhaust gas generated during laser cutting has greater damage to the operator, make sure that the machine’s vacuum cleaner is working properly.

I) Keep the laser cutting equipment clean and tidy, refueling according to the provisions to ensure reasonable lubrication; to comply with the shift system, manage the tools and accessories well, do not lost; stop the machine for checking immediately when find malfunction, if cannot be handled by the operator, should timely notice related engineers to give it a thorough overhaul.

J) To prevent electric shock damage, non-professional maintenance personnel is strictly prohibited inspection, maintenance of the electrical control part of the laser cutting machine.

Switch on / off sequence

A) Turn on the external mains power supply so that the dynamic electricity is connected to the control cabinet

B) Make sure that the water cooler switch is open (do not close the water cooler switch after use)

C) Check if the emergency stop switch is released

D) Turn on the key switch to the “on” position

E) Turn on the computer.

F) To the left turn on the laser power

At this point, the laser cutting machine is turned on, shut down in the opposite order.

Software use and programming

The use of the software please checking the software manually, here we do not discuss in detail.

Automatic calibration instructions for height sensor

When you need to calibrate when exchange the nozzle or the servo distance is not accurate, calibration is a way to correct the height of the follower, the method is as follows:

A) Move the cutting head down to about 5mm from the surface of the plate

B) Select calibration on the height control torch → floating head calibration → confirmation

C) At this point, the cutting head will drop twice, check the plate position, the whole process needs about 10S

D) At the end of the calibration, the calibration curve is displayed on the height control torch. The normal curve is smooth. If the calibration result is poor, the cutting effect will be affected and need to be re-calibrated.

In summary, there are many factors that affect the calibration results, in general, the factors including:
1. board surface is unstable.
2. Z-axis slide with shaking.
3. external electrical interference is too serious.

Calibration results including four: A, B, C, D, the laser cutter can be used as normal when the calibration is above class “C”, re-calibration is required to eliminate the interference when the result is “D”.