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Laser Engraving Machine Safety Operation Procedures and Maintenance


I. Purpose

To standardize the behavior of operators, ensure human and machine safety, prevent the rework and scrap of products due to human negligence, and promote the standardization and normalization of operations.

II. Scope of Application

Applicable to the operation control of shearing machines by the production department of this company.

Laser Engraving Machine Safety Operation Procedures and Maintenance

III. Responsibilities

Related production personnel are responsible for material confirmation and quality assurance during production.

IV. Operating Procedures

a) Preparation for Operation

1. The operators of this machine must be familiar with the main structure, performance, and use of the laser engraving machine.

2. This machine is suitable for laser cutting materials such as acrylic and PVC.

b) Operational Procedures

1. The laser used by this machine is invisible light. Direct contact with the skin can cause severe burns. It is strictly forbidden to put any part of the body into the light path to avoid burns.

2. There is high voltage inside the engraving machine. It is strictly forbidden to use it in an overly humid environment to avoid high voltage arcing.

3. Laser processing may generate high temperatures and open flames. It is strictly forbidden to leave the machine during processing to avoid various safety accidents caused by combustion.

4. Check before use whether the cooling water is frozen, whether there are scale and dirty objects blocking it, and whether the circulating cooling water pump is running normally to avoid damaging the laser. It is strictly forbidden to use it in a state without cooling water.

5. Check before use whether the electromagnetic air pump is normal to ensure that the air is blown continuously during engraving.

6. It is strictly forbidden for hands or other objects to touch the lens to avoid damaging the lens coating.

7. After the machine is started, it is strictly forbidden to push the guide rail by hand to avoid damage to its transmission system.

8. Ensure the ventilation and dust removal system is unobstructed to prevent the chassis from corroding and damaging electronic components due to excessive accumulation of smoke and moisture.

9. Keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean after use, remove the engraving residue, and wipe the guide rail and other rust-prone components with machine oil. Only degreasing cotton dipped in anhydrous ethanol can be used to clean the lens lightly.

10. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate the machine without authorization.

11. After the engraving task is completed, the power and water supply must be cut off before leaving.

V. Maintenance

1) Lubricating the linear guide rails:

After the laser engraving machine has been used for some time, the smoke and dust generated by engraving and cutting have a corrosive effect on the guide rails, so they need to be maintained regularly.

Turn off the power of the laser engraving machine, clean the guide rails with a clean soft cloth, then drop lubricating oil on the guide rails.

After applying the oil, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail to ensure the oil enters the slider’s interior. After applying the oil, let the slider roll back and forth on the guide rail again. At this time, the guide rail must be installed first.

When installing the guide rail, do not fix it first. Install all the fixing screws to keep it level, then fix the belt and slider, install the lens, and adjust the light. The X direction is done.

2) Cleaning of reflective mirror and focus lens:

After the laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine have been used for some time, smoke will stick to the surface of the lens, affecting the engraving and cutting depth, as well as the engraving and cutting accuracy.

Generally, clean the three reflection mirrors and one focus lens with anhydrous alcohol about once a week.

3) Bearings and carriage:

The laser cutting machine uses a lot of bearings. To ensure good cutting and engraving results, some bearings need to be regularly oiled.

Wipe off the floating soil on the bearings with a clean soft cloth, then draw the machine oil into the syringe with a needle, and slowly inject it into the bearings. Turn the bearings slowly while oiling.

The screws used for focusing on the laser machine’s carriage often need to be oiled with sewing oil, otherwise, they will rust. This is the case with any mechanical parts in motion; the focus lens of the carriage should be regularly cleaned, adjusted for tension, and then some sewing oil added.

4) Tension adjustment of the timing belt:

There are several timing belts in the transmission system of the laser cutting machine. If the timing belt is too loose, the engraved characters may appear as double shadows. If the timing belt is too tight, the timing belt will wear out.

After using it for some time, please adjust the tension screws of the timing belt, adjust the timing belt to an appropriate tightness, so that the engraved characters do not appear as double shadows, and the laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine run with low noise.

Or consult the manufacturer’s technical staff.

5) Maintenance of the laser tube:

The laser tube in the laser engraving machine is cooled by circulating water. After long-term use, there will be some white scale in the tube. We can add a small amount of vinegar to the circulating water, drain the water in the tube, and then clean the inside of the laser tube with clean water.

In this way, the laser tube will be in the best working condition, and its lifespan will be extended.

During the use of the laser engraving and cutting machine, the daily safety maintenance and upkeep of the equipment are crucial for safety protection and efficient production.

Doing so can not only extend the machine’s lifespan but also maintain and improve the quality of the processed products, ultimately achieving stable and high efficiency.

6) Water Cooling and Exhaust

For water-cooled laser engraving and cutting machines, it is essential to maintain an unobstructed water flow, whether using tap water or a circulating water pump. The cooling water carries away the heat generated by the laser tube; the higher the water temperature, the lower the output power of the light.

If the water supply is interrupted, the accumulated heat in the laser cavity may cause the tube end to burst, or even damage the laser power supply.

Therefore, it is crucial to always check the cooling water flow. If there are hard bends or fall-offs in the water pipe, or if the water pump fails, it must be repaired promptly to prevent a power decrease or even equipment damage.

After the fan has been working for a while, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the fan and exhaust pipe, which can affect the fan’s exhaust efficiency, causing a lot of smoke and dust that cannot be discharged.

Maintenance method: Loosen the connecting clamp of the exhaust pipe and the fan, remove the exhaust pipe, and clean the dust in the exhaust pipe and fan. Maintenance period: about a month.

7) Maintenance Methods for the Electrical Circuit:

The electrical parts on both sides of the machine must be kept clean and checked periodically. A compressor can be used for dust removal.

If there is too much dust accumulation, static electricity may be generated in dry weather, interfering with the machine’s signal transmission, such as random drawing, etc. In humid weather, there may be a short circuit, causing the machine to malfunction.

8) Good Grounding

The laser power supply and the machine itself must have good grounding protection. The grounding wire should be a dedicated grounding wire with a resistance of less than 4Ω. The necessity is:

1) to ensure the normal operation of the laser power supply,

2) to extend the life of the laser tube,

3) to prevent external interference causing machine jitter,

4) to prevent high voltage discharge from accidentally causing circuit damage. Good grounding is absolutely essential!

9) Other Precautions:

1. Clean maintenance, good exhaust, wipe at any time

The machine’s clean maintenance is a necessary condition for the machine’s normal operation. Imagine if a person’s joints are not flexible, how can they move?

Similarly, the machine’s guide rail is a precision core component. After each job is completed, it must be wiped clean to maintain smooth and lubricated. The bearings also need to be regularly oiled to keep the drive flexible, ensure precise machining, and prolong the life of the machine tool.

2. Ambient temperature and humidity

It should be noted that if the machine is used in an environment below freezing point, it must be ensured:

1) to prevent the circulating water in the laser tube from freezing, the water must be completely drained after the machine is shut down;

2) when the machine is turned on, the laser current must be preheated for more than 5 minutes before it can work.

In rainy and humid conditions, the laser power supply needs to be preheated for longer and must be thoroughly dehumidified before high voltage can be applied to prevent high voltage circuit breakdown.

3. Stay away from large and strong vibration equipment

Sudden large electrical interference can sometimes cause machine failure. Although it is not common, it should be avoided as much as possible.

Therefore, large equipment such as large electric welding machines, giant power mixers, and large power transmission and transformation equipment should be kept at a distance.

It goes without saying that strong vibration equipment, such as forging presses and nearby vehicle traffic causing vibration, obvious ground shaking is detrimental to precise engraving.

4. Maintain the stability of the control PC

The control PC is mainly used for engraving equipment control. In addition to installing necessary flat design software, it is dedicated to specialized machines.

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