Laser Processing Robot

The laser processing robot applies robot technology to laser processing, and realizes more flexible laser processing operations through high-precision industrial robots.

Laser Processing Robot

The system is operated online through the teaching box or offline.

The system generates a model of the workpiece by automatically detecting the workpiece, and then generates a machining curve, which can also be directly processed by using CAD data.

It can be used for laser surface treatment, punching, welding and mold repair of workpieces.

Key technologies include:

(1) Laser processing robot structure optimization design technology

The large-scale frame-type body structure is adopted to ensure the accuracy of the robot while increasing the working range;

(2) Error compensation technology for robot systems

Aiming at the large working space and high precision of the integrated processing robot, combined with its structural characteristics, the hybrid robot compensation method based on the non-model method and the model-based method is used to compensate the geometric parameter error and the non-geometric parameter error.

(3) High-precision robot detection technology

The combination of three-coordinate measurement technology and robot technology enables high-precision online measurement of robots.

(4) Language processing technology for laser processing robot

According to the characteristics of laser processing and robot operation, the language of laser processing robot is completed.

(5) Network communication and offline programming technology

It has serial communication, CAN and other network communication functions to realize the monitoring and management of the robot production line;

And realize the offline programming control of the robot by the host computer.

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