Category: Laser Technology

Who Invented Laser Do You Really Know

Who Invented Laser: Unveiling the 50-Year History

Cutting and joining technology is an important technology cluster in the industrial system. Laser processing is one of the brightest jewels in this technology cluster. Especially in today’s Industry 4.0 [...]

5 Types of Laser Compared

Lasers are an essential component in modern laser processing systems. With the advancement of laser processing technology, lasers themselves are also evolving, leading to the emergence of new types. Initially, [...]
Laser Engraving Technology A Comprehensive Overview

Laser Engraving Technology: A Comprehensive Overview

Since its introduction in 1960, laser technology has rapidly found applications in manufacturing. Subsequently, as the understanding of the underlying theory has deepened, various types of lasers have evolved, broadening [...]
Prospects Of Laser Processing In Engineering Machinery

Prospects of Laser Technology in Engineering Machinery

I. Preface As an essential sector of the machinery manufacturing industry, engineering machinery boasts multiple categories, complex functions, and high structural strength. Although it has seldom served as a testing [...]
laser engraving materials

In-Depth Look: 6 Crucial Materials for Laser Engraving

The four fundamental elements influencing laser engraving are: engraving speed, laser power, engraving precision, and the material. To achieve a certain engraving effect on a specific material, it requires the [...]
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