Category: Machining

What Does CNC Machine Stand For?

Introduction Brief explanation of CNC machines Numerical Control (NC) technology is a machine tool control technology that developed in the mid-20th century. NC is an automatic control technology that uses [...]

9 Types of Hobs: How Much Do You Know?

Gear hob The gear hob is a tool used to produce spur and helical gears with exceptional accuracy. It can be utilized for various finishing processes such as pre-shaving and [...]
How to Repair Threads on a CNC Lathe

How to Repair Threads on a CNC Lathe?

I. Introduction to the Problem During the process of thread cutting on a CNC lathe, the following issues often arise: (1) The threading tool gets damaged in the middle of [...]

What Is CNC Machine: Parts and Functions Explained

1.1 Generation and development of CNC machine tools With the continuous advancement of social production and technology, new industrial products emerge without end. The machinery manufacturing industry, as the backbone [...]
How To Correctly Select The Tool Path In Milling

Milling Tool Path Selection: A Comprehensive Guide

With the advancement of modern manufacturing technology, NC machining equipment and its supporting CAM system have become widely utilized and developed. The core of controlling the machining operation of the [...]

Five-axis CNC Machine: The Basic Guide

1. Overview Machine tools symbolize a nation’s level of manufacturing prowess. The pinnacle of machine tool manufacturing is represented by the five-axis linked numerical control machine tool system. In some [...]
Top 6 Machine Tool Company in United States

Top 6 Best Machine Tool Manufacturers in the USA

Top Machine Tool Companies in the USA Here are some of the top American machine tool brands. 01 MAG The leading machine tool and automation systems company, MAG, provides its [...]
Understanding the Roles and Uses of Cutting Fluids

Understanding the Roles and Uses of Cutting Fluids

During the metal cutting process, to enhance cutting efficiency, improve workpiece accuracy, reduce surface roughness, extend tool life, and achieve optimal economic outcomes, it’s vital to minimize friction between the [...]
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