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Small Drill Bit Breakage: Causes and Solutions

1. Introduction Drilling small holes on a lathe requires high machining precision and surface roughness, especially when used for mating holes. The precision of the general aperture is IT7 to IT8,…

Drilling Speed Table and Calculation Formula

Selection of drilling speed for carbon steel drilling machines Drilling Speed Chart Feed rate Linear speed v Drill bit diameter Guide length Drilling speed Feed amount 1000 25 φ16 4.7…

The Essential Guide to Selecting Cutting Fluids

In mechanical cutting, there are several methods used when using CNC machine tools, including turning, milling, drilling, and boring. The amount of material removed is divided into three categories: rough…
5 Axis Machining

5 Axis Machining: Your Ultimate Guide

Intrigued by the power and precision of 5-axis machining? In this blog post, we dive deep into the fundamentals of this advanced manufacturing technique. Our expert mechanical engineer breaks down…
10 CNC Machining Tips For Better Machining Quality

10 CNC Machining Tips: for Better Machining Quality

“CNC Machining” refers to the use of numerical control machining tools. As it is controlled by computer programming, CNC machining offers several benefits such as consistent quality, high precision, high…

Thermal Melting Drilling: Principles and Applications

Thermal melt drilling, also known as thermal drilling, has revolutionized the traditional process of drilling and fastening, making it easy to solve the previously challenging problems of tapping thin sheets…
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