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CNC Lathe Axis Explained: How Many Do You Need?

To process highly precise parts, the spatial positions of the worktable and cutter on a CNC lathe must be defined with accurate coordinate values, and the movement in multi-dimensional space…

The 3 Key Principles for Selecting Milling Tools

GUIDE Milling tools are rotating tools with one or more cutting edges for machining. During operation, each cutting tooth removes a portion of the workpiece in intervals. The milling tool…

Strength Matching of Welded Joints: A Complete Guide

For a long time, the traditional design principle for welded structures has been based primarily on strength design. In actual welded structures, there are three types of matching relationships between…

Expert Tips for Repairing CNC Machine Tools

As we are aware, CNC machine tools are advanced and high-tech products that have evolved from the 1970s to the 1990s and cannot be interchanged. The fault phenomena are unique…
FANUC CNC Lathe Commands (GM Code) A Complete Guide

FANUC CNC Lathe Commands (G/M Code): A Complete Guide

G00▲: Quick Point Positioning G00 X__Z__ G01: Linear Interpolation G01 X__Z__F__ G01: Bevel or Fillet Command G01 X(U)      Z(W)     CG01 X(U)      Z(W)    R The values of X (U) and Z…

Thread Milling Methods: Which One Is Right for You?

To perform thread milling, the machine tool must have the capability for three-axis linkage. CNC machines have the capability for spiral interpolation, which is controlled by the machine tool to…
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