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Essential Maintenance Techniques for Hydraulic Stations and Hydraulic Systems


The hydraulic system of a hydraulic station is its core component, requiring regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure its proper functioning and to extend its service life.

Common Maintenance Methods for Hydraulic Stations’ Hydraulic Systems

Essential Maintenance Techniques for Hydraulic Stations and Hydraulic Systems

Repair of Leakage Points:

Leakage points in the hydraulic system are one of the most common issues.

Upon discovering a leak, it’s essential first to identify the location, then replace any damaged seals or repair the sealing surface. Additionally, check if the pipeline connections are secure and tighten them if they are loose.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Pumps:

The hydraulic pump is the power source of the hydraulic system. If it malfunctions, the system will not work correctly.

When the hydraulic pump is underperforming or behaving abnormally, inspect the pump’s oil inlet for blockages and clean it;

Check the cleanliness of the pump’s suction filter, cleaning or replacing it if dirty;

Examine the pump’s seals for wear or aging and replace them if necessary.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Valves:

Hydraulic valves control flow and pressure within the system. Malfunctioning valves can cause system failure.

If the hydraulic valve is stuck or leaking, first check if the valve core is jammed and clean both the core and the valve body;

Inspect the valve body for impurities or deposits and clean it if needed;

If the valve core or body is damaged, replace them with new ones.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders:

Hydraulic cylinders act as the system’s actuators. If they malfunction, it affects the system’s operation.

When a hydraulic cylinder is inactive or unstable, check the internal seals for damage and replace if needed;

Inspect the cylinder’s oil inlet for blockages and clean it;

Check if the piston in the hydraulic cylinder is stuck, and repair or replace it if necessary.

Maintenance of the Hydraulic Circuit:

Blockages and dirt in the hydraulic system’s circuit can impact its operation.

Regularly clean and inspect the circuit, removing dirt and impurities; replace filters and filter elements within the circuit to maintain oil cleanliness;

Maintain the oil at an appropriate temperature, avoiding overheating or excessive cooling.

In addition to these maintenance methods, it’s crucial to regularly replace the hydraulic fluid to maintain proper lubrication and cooling performance.

Furthermore, maintenance personnel should routinely check the system’s pressure and temperature, recording them to promptly identify and address any issues.

In summary, maintaining a hydraulic system requires the maintenance personnel to possess specific professional knowledge and skills, as well as regular upkeep, to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the hydraulic station.

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