Mechanical Transmission Efficiency: Empirical Values Revealed

Want to optimize your mechanical transmission efficiency?

Discover the typical empirical values used in the industry and improve your machine’s performance. Read on to learn more.

Mechanical transmission efficiency table
categorydrive systemefficiency
Cylindrical gear transmissionGear transmission with good running-in accuracy of Level 6 and Level 7 (thin oil lubrication)0.98~0.99
General gear transmission with 8-level accuracy (thin oil lubrication)0.97
Gear transmission with class 9 accuracy (thin oil lubrication)0.96
Open gear transmission for machining teeth (dry oil lubrication)0.94~0.96
Open gear transmission with cast teeth0.90~0.93
bevel gear driveGood running-in precision gear transmission with grades 6 and 7 (thin oil lubrication)0.97~0.98
General gear transmission with 8-level accuracy (thin oil lubrication)0.94~0.97
Open gear transmission for machining teeth (dry oil lubrication)0.92~0.95
Cast tooth open gear transmission0.88~0.92
worm driveSelf-locking worm0.40~0.45
Single head worm0.7~0.75
Double headed worm0.75~0.82
Three-head and four-head worm0.8~0.92
Circular arc surface worm drive0.85~0.95
Belt driveOpen drive with flat belt without compression wheel0.98
Open drive with flat compression wheel0.97
Flat belt cross drive0.90
V-belt drive0.96
Synchronous toothed belt drive0.96~0.98
Chain driveWelded chain0.93
Piece joint chain0.95
Roller chain0.96
Silent chain0.97
sliding bearingPoor lubrication0.94
Normal lubrication0.97
Lubrication characteristic d (pressure lubrication)0.98
Liquid friction0.99
Rolling bearingBall bearing (thin oil lubrication)0.99
Roller bearing (thin oil lubricated d)0.98
Friction driveFlat friction drive0.85~0.92
Slot friction drive0.88~0.90
Rope reel0.95
couplingFloating coupling0.97~0.99
Toothed coupling0.99
Elastic coupling0.99~0.995
Universal coupling( α≤ 3°)0.97~0.98
Universal coupling( α> 3°)0.95~0.97
Quincunx shaft0.97~0.98
Hydraulic coupling (at design point)0.95~0.98
Complex pulley blockSliding bearing (i=2~6)0.98~0.90
Rolling bearing (i=2~6)0.99~0.95
Winch drum 0.94~0.97
DeceleratorSingle stage cylindrical gear reducer0.97~0.98
Double stage cylindrical gear reducer0.95~0.96
Single stage planetary cylindrical gear reducer0.95~0.96
Single stage planetary cycloid pin wheel reducer0.90~0.97
Single stage bevel gear reducer0.95~0.96
Double stage conical cylindrical gear reducer0.94~0.95
Continuously variable transmission0.92~0.95
Rolling mill herringbone gear seat (sliding bearing)0.93~0.95
Rolling mill herringbone gear seat (rolling bearing)0.94~0.96
Rolling mill main reducer (including main coupling and motor coupling)0.93~0.96
Lead screw driveSliding lead screw0.3~0.6
Rolling lead screw0.85~0.95

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