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15 Methods To Improve The Service Life Of Vulnerable Parts Of Plasma Cutting Machine

The vulnerable parts of plasma cutting machine mainly include electrode, nozzle, protective sleeve and distributor.

In order to save users’ cost, I will tell you how to prolong the service time of these vulnerable parts with 15 different methods.

1. Ensure the correct pressure and flow of plasma

The correct pressure and flow of plasma is very important for the service life of consumer parts. If the air pressure is too high, the service life of the electrode will be greatly reduced;

If the air pressure is too low, the service life of the nozzle will be affected.

2. Adopt reasonable cutting distance

According to the requirements of the operation manual, adopt a reasonable cutting distance, that is, the distance between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece surface.

When perforation, try to use the distance twice the normal cutting distance or the maximum height that can be transmitted by plasma arc.

3. The perforation thickness shall be within the allowable range of the machine system

The cutting machine cannot punch on the steel plate exceeding the working thickness.

The usual perforation thickness is 1 / 2 of the normal cutting thickness.

4. Do not overload the nozzle

Overloading the nozzle (i.e. exceeding the working current of the nozzle) will quickly damage the nozzle.

The current intensity should be 95% of the working current of the nozzle. For example, the current intensity of 100A nozzle should be set to 95A.

5. Keep the plasma gas dry and clean

The plasma system needs dry and clean plasma gas to work normally.

Dirty gas is usually the problem of gas compression system, which will shorten the service life of consumer parts and cause abnormal damage.

The method to test the gas quality is to set the cutting torch in the test state and put a mirror under it to consume the gas in the cutting torch.

If water vapor and mist appear on the mirror, it is necessary to find out the cause and correct it.

6. Cutting shall start from the edge

As far as possible, cut from the edge rather than through the hole. Using the edge as the starting point will prolong the service life of consumer parts.

The correct method is to directly align the nozzle with the edge of the workpiece and then start the plasma arc.

7. Avoid plasma arc stretching and expansion

If the plasma arc can only contact the workpiece surface by stretching and expanding, the plasma arc will produce this stretching and expansion at the beginning and end of cutting, which will cause abnormal damage to the nozzle.

This problem can be avoided if the correct edge starting point technique is adopted and the appropriate “arc breaking” signal time is selected.

8. Reduce unnecessary “arc striking (or arc guiding)” time

During arcing, the consumption of nozzle and electrode is very fast. Before starting, put the cutting torch within the walking distance of cutting metal.

9. Apply splash proof chemical coating to the protective housing

The splash proof chemical coating helps to reduce the accumulation of slag on the protective shell.

However, the protective shell must be removed from the cutting torch before anti splash coating can be applied.

10. Remove the slag from the protective shell

The slag on the cutting torch protective shell shall be removed frequently, otherwise this slag will cause destructive heavy plasma arc.

11. Remove the gas after replacing the consumable parts

After replacement of consumable parts or long-term shutdown, the gas shall be removed (2 ~ 3 minutes is appropriate) to ensure that the water and mist are discharged from the cutting torch.

12. Try to keep the cutting torch and consumables clean

Any dirt on the cutting torch and consumable parts will greatly affect the function of the plasma system.

When replacing consumable parts, place them on a clean flannelette, often check the connecting thread of the cutting torch, and clean the electrode contact surface and nozzle with hydrogen peroxide detergent.

13. Remove oxides from air or oxygen nozzles

When air or oxygen plasma is selected, oxide will be deposited in the nozzle, which will affect the air flow and reduce the service life of consumer parts.

Wipe the inside of the nozzle with a clean lint cloth to eliminate oxides.

14. Inject softened water into the cutting torch

Hard water will cause metal impurities to precipitate on the nozzle ring, which will affect the air flow, reduce the quality of the cutting torch and shorten the service life of consumer parts.

15. Check air flow and cooling flow daily

One of the most common causes of cutting torch damage is the lack of cooling flow.

It is necessary to often check the air flow and air pressure (such as air cooling) or coolant (such as water cooling) to the cutting torch.

If it is found that the air flow is insufficient or leaked, it shall be shut down immediately to eliminate the fault.

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