Micro Lathe

The micro lathe is a bench-top lathe, which can complete the turning, drilling, boring thread in both metric and imperial unit.

Micro Lathe

Suitable for the processing of metal and non-metal parts.

It is an ideal equipment for single-piece processing or small-volume production in industries such as instruments, light industrial machinery, motorcycles, auto parts, car repair, home repair, and scientific research units.

Main feature

Longitudinal automatic cutting, which can process male and female threads;

The joystick is concentrated, and the operation is flexible and convenient;

The bed rail is wide and the machine tool is rigid;

Equipped with an emergency stop switch;

CQ6132A spindle has a large aperture;

The base is standard and packaged as a whole;

Spindle belt tower wheel shifting;

Equipped with intermediate pulley reducer for high torque at low speed

Product Application

Mainly used for processing various rotary surfaces and end faces of rotary bodies.

Such as turning inside and outside cylindrical surface, conical surface, ring groove and forming rotary surface, turning end face and various commonly used threads.

If equipped with process equipment, it can also process a variety of special shapes.

Drilling, reaming, reaming, knurling, etc. can also be done on the lathe.

Processable product

45# steel, A3 steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, bakelite, wood, etc.

Main technical parameters

Turning diameter of the bed: 330mm

Rotary diameter on the worktable: 185mm

Two tip distances: 510/610/915mm

Spindle diameter: 40mm

Spindle hole taper: MT5

Spindle speed / number of stages: 180 ~ 1930r / min / 8

Longitudinal stroke: 500/600/900mm

Lateral stroke: 170mm

Knife holder stroke: 85mm

Metric pitch / series: 0.5 ~ 3mm / 10

Inch pitch / series: 8 ~ 48t.p.i / 14

Longitudinal pass/level: 0.1~0.4mm/r/3

Motor power: 1.5kw (three-phase 380V) / 1.1kw (single-phase 220V)

Machine tool net weight / gross weight: 330 / / 380kg, 350 / 400kg, 390 / 450kg

Base net weight / gross weight: 58/70kg

Mainframe dimensions: 1430, 1540, 1845 × 680 × 515mm

Host package size: 1560, 1670, 2080 × 760 × 770mm

Base package size: 950 × 790 × 870mm

Standard configuration

Three-jaw chuck, tip, metric hanging wheel, hanging wheel cover, V-belt, pressure oil gun, adjustment tools, etc.

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