Milling & Drilling Machine


Milling and drilling machines are one of the main equipment for machining.

Milling & Drilling Machine

The method of machining a workpiece with a milling cutter on a milling machine is called milling.

It can be used to machine planes, steps, bevels, grooves, forming surfaces, gears and cuts.


Part of the model number (referred to as the machine model).

The meaning of the common code for milling machines.

  1. Class and classification code

The current standard stipulates that China’s machine tools are classified into 11 categories according to their working principles.

The class code of the machine tool is represented by capitalized Chinese pinyin letters.

Each category can be divided into several categories as necessary.

The classification code is first in the model number before the class code and is represented by Arabic numerals.

  1. General characteristics and structural characteristics code

These two feature codes are represented by capitalized Chinese pinyin letters, which are located after the class code.

The generic feature code has a uniform fixed meaning, and it has the same meaning in the models of various machine tools.

The general characteristic code is pronounced according to its corresponding Chinese character meaning, the general characteristic code of the machine tool.


The main parameters in the machine model are indicated by the converted value, after the system code.

When the conversion value is greater than 1, no “0” is added in front, and when the conversion value is less than 1, the first digit after the decimal point is taken, and “0” is added in front.

For the uniform name and group of the machine tool, the division of the system, and the representation of the main parameters in the model, see GB/T15375-94.

The metal cutting machine in the standard has a uniform name and a class, group, and system division table.

Milling Drilling Machine Operation Precautions

(1) When installing workpieces, fixtures and accessories on a milling machine.

Do not hesitate to clean and clean the iron pin and dirt on the countertop and the mounting surface of the fixture or accessory, so as not to affect the machining accuracy.

(2) At the end of the work, the milling cutter should be taken out of the workpiece, and the handle should be placed in the neutral position, and the working state of the milling machine, milling cutter and fixture should be checked in general.

Then cut off the power supply, clean the milling machine, and pour the lubricant on the rail surface before handing over.

(3) Always do a good job of maintenance of the milling machine.

The work surface and the guide surface of the milling machine are precise surfaces. To prevent heavy objects from impacting and colliding, heavy objects or rough blanks should be placed on the table surface and should be placed gently.

If abnormal noise such as noise or spindle bearing heat is found in the gearbox of the milling machine, stop the truck immediately and do not force it to continue working.

The milling machine should be inspected and planned for maintenance as specified.

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