Open Gear Drive

Open gears are widely used due to their high efficiency of transmitting power.

Open Gear Drive


Gear transmission is one of the most important transmissions in mechanical transmission.

It has many forms and is widely used.

The transmitted power can reach hundreds of thousands of kilowatts, the peripheral speed can reach 150m/s (up to 300m/s), and the diameter can be more than 10m.


There are three types of gear transmissions, namely:

  • Open gear transmission
  • Semi-open gear transmission
  • Closed gear transmission

For example, in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and simple mechanical equipment, some gear drives do not have the dust cover or casing, and the gears are completely exposed to the outside.

This is called open gear transmission.

This kind of transmission is not only easy to invade external debris, but also poorly lubricated, so the working conditions are not good.

The teeth are also easy to wear, so it should only be used for low speed transmission.

When the gear transmission is equipped with a simple protective cover, and sometimes the large gear portion is immersed in the oil pool, it is called a semi-open gear transmission.

Although its working conditions have improved, it still cannot prevent the intrusion of foreign objects, and the lubrication conditions are not the best.

The gears used in automobiles, machine tools, aero engines, etc. are housed in precisely machined and tightly closed boxes (closed gears).

This is called closed gear transmission (gearbox).

Compared with open or semi-open type, it has the best conditions of lubrication and protection, and is used in important occasions.

In the open gear transmission, it is easy to fall into the external medium such as dust and debris, which causes oil contamination, and the gear is prone to abrasive wear.

When the split gear is covered, the lubrication requirements of the open gear are the same as those of the closed gear under the same working conditions.

Open gear drives typically use high viscosity oils, asphaltene lubricants or greases and work effectively at relatively low speeds.

There are three classifications which include:

  • common open gear oil (CKH)
  • extreme open gear oil (CKJ)
  • solvent diluted open gear oil (CKM)

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