Operation Manual of WYQ24 Semi Hydraulic Profile Bending Machine

1. Main usage

WYQ24-16 is semi-hydraulic 3 roller type profile bending machine, which mainly uses in various steel profile bending. It can roll “O” spiral shape workpieces. It is widely in petrol, chemical, shipyard, metalworking and machine manufacturing industries.

2. Technical Parameters

Here are the technical specifications:

Technical Parameters

Model and specification

Please find the right model according to the maximum bending resistant modulus of profiles.

3. The main structure of the profile bending machine

All three rolls are the main drive roller.

The top roller move by elevation, the bottom roller rotates in a fixed position.

It’s easy to take off the finished workpiece.

Independent and movable console to make the operation easier.

It’s an advanced machine to easily operate and maintain with a small flat edge.

The top roller installs in above the machine body, the bear on the two sides of the top roller used cylindrical roller bearing.

The top roller movement up and down which driven by hydraulic.

The bottom roller rotates in a fixed position.

The top roller shaft and bottom roller shaft are all main drive shaft, through the hydraulic motor, gear, chain to drive the top roller shaft and bottom roller shaft rotary.

The unique design of the synchronous mechanism makes the top and bottom mold have the same line speed when bending the different profiles.

Guide roller easy to roll the asymmetrical section to avoid the bending default.

4. Hydraulic system

The usage of the hydraulic system: drive the motor to make the top roller and bottom roller rotate; and drive the cylinder to make the top roller move up and down.

The hydraulic system is reasonable in design, reliable operation, equipped with a high accuracy oil and return oil filter, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the system oil.

The main valve hydraulic system adopts famous quality products.

Pump, oil filter, motor, seals are used brand-name manufacturers of domestic or foreign joint venture products, its advanced performance, reliable quality.

All hydraulic parts in the factory have to undergo rigorous testing, screening, to eliminate the hidden trouble.

Layout of the pipeline system, convenient operation, flexible action neatly, and overload protection device.

5. Electric system

  • Main voltage         380V 50HZ 3phases
  • Main motor          5.5KW

The machine electric control part of the contractor as the core, with the electric control system and hydraulic system, in order to realize the machine each action, main buttons to move the button box and a console based.

Through the digital display shows the amount of movement, convenient intuitive operation.

The high voltage part of the main electrical components is brand-name and quality products, with long service life, no fault time.

6. Main characteristic

6-1. The molds of this machine have good mechanical properties, high strength, strong wearable, suitable for high load operation and long life after forging, quenching and tempering.

6-2. Double row self-aligning roller bearing mounted at the end of the main shaft, there’s large capacity and reduce the power loss caused by friction, long life service and saving energy.

6-3. Movable console and digital display for top roller elevation amount make the operation easier.

6-4. High accuracy displacement sensor of the top roller elevation ensures the precision and monitor of each roller.

6-5. This machine adopts the whole body, strong rigidity, good hoisting, easy to install, and annealing treatment, eliminates stress, improves accuracy.

7. Profile bending machinery installation and commissioning

The level of the ground plane and tilt in any direction shall not exceed 2mm / m.

Machines should be checked before installation completely, all preparations have been installed before they can proceed on the installation sequence.

The following mold surface level as a benchmark to check the tilt and the upper and lower mold parallelism, adjusted to meet the requirement.

All installed, inspected before tightening bolts.

Must ensure the equipment flexible running after the installation.

Prior to starting the test the connection to be solid and the department of inspection and adjustment of the gap part of all sports and travel and so on, to check whether or not a good electrical switch.

After the completion of preparatory work for the commissioning, commissioning of 10 minutes, stopping to check all in good condition after the operation before the load test.

8. Profile rolling machine operation and safety maintenance

This equipment is very easy to operate and reliable. Push the button “forward” and “backward” separately, can get the different rotate direction. The operation should obey the following principle:

8-1. Don’t run the machine when the electric system is in an abnormal situation.

8-2. Forbid the operator who doesn’t know the machine and doesn’t abide by the rules running the machine.

8-3. Ensure there’s good light in the working area.

8-4. Don’t allow the two sides flat edge of the workpiece overlapping to prevent damage to the machine.

In order to ensure the machine is a good running station, please change the worn parts timely.

Establish reasonable repair and maintenance system, the workplace, the device should be kept clean and tidy surroundings

9. Machine lubrication

Reasonable machine lubrication is to reduce power consumption and increase machine life and effective measures to this, we must choose the right lubricants, to establish the necessary lubrication system.

9-1. Lubrication
The machine according to the work of cups was used lubricating oils, artificial fuel, lubricating oil tanks focused in three ways.

9-2. Lubricant Selection
Artificial refueling Department, the use of calcium-based grease, oil cup lubrication points, the summer use of calcium-based # 2 grease, the winter using a # calcium-based grease.

9-3. Lubrication system and note
The user according to the specific situation of the machine, load, and operation of the establishment of a specific lubrication system.

The machine before starting the lubrication points must be sufficient oil supply.

The machine in continuous working conditions, the oil cup oil in general 4 hours once a month in general lubricating the gears once.
Machine washed once a year the whole lubrication system.

10. Hydraulic schematic diagram

Here are the drawings:

Hydraulic Diagram

11. Electrical diagram

Here are the drawings:

Electrical Diagram 1

Electrical Diagram 2

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