Palletizing Robot

Palletizing robot is the product of a combination of mechanical and computer programs.

Palletizing Robot

Provides higher production efficiency for modern production.


1) Simple structure and few parts.

Therefore, the failure rate of components is low, the performance is reliable, and the maintenance is simple.

There are few spare parts required.

2) Less floor space.

Conducive to the layout of the production line in the customer’s factory, and can leave a larger warehouse area.

The palletizing robot can be placed in a narrow space for effective use.

3) Applicability is strong.

When the size, volume, shape of the customer’s product and the external dimensions of the tray change, it is only necessary to modify it on the touch screen without affecting the normal production of the customer.

The mechanical palletizer change is quite cumbersome and even impossible.

4) Low energy consumption.

Usually the power of a mechanical palletizer is around 26 kW, while the power of a palletizing robot is about 5 kW.

Greatly reduce the operating costs of customers.

5) All control can be operated on the control cabinet screen, the operation is very simple.

6) Just locate the starting point and placement point, the teaching method is simple and easy to understand.

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