Pipe Bending Machine

The pipe bending machine refers to the machine used for bending the pipe and can also be used as a jack.

Pipe Bending Machine

It is roughly divided into a numerical control pipe bending machine and a hydraulic pipe bending machine.

It is used in the construction of electric power, public railway, bridges, ships and other aspects.

Basic introduction

Pipe bending machines can be roughly divided into CNC pipe bending machines, hydraulic pipe bending machines.

Mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair.

It has many advantages such as multi-function, reasonable structure and simple operation.

In addition to the elbow function, this machine can also use the cylinder as a hydraulic jack.

Compared with the CNC pipe bending equipment, it has the characteristics of low price and convenient use.

Basic classification

Hydraulic electric pipe bending machine

Horizontal hydraulic pipe bending machine

Multifunctional rolling pipe bender

Digital pipe bending machine

Main features

Structural aspect

  • The pipe bending machine adopts the touch screen plus numerical control module, and the dialogue operation make it simple and easy to set up;
  • The bed structure is stable, not easy to deform;
  • 16 bend angles can be set for each program, and 16 files can be stored in the memory;
  • With slow positioning function, stable angle bending, the repeatability is ±0.1 °;
  • The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator to eliminate it immediately;
  • Provide self-developed coordinate conversion elbow processing value, and the software can be installed and edited on the desktop computer.

Process aspect

The pipe bender performs the bending of the pipe as well as the bending of the sheet.

In the case of pure bending, when the tube having the outer diameter D and the wall thickness t is bent by the action of the external moment M, the outer tube wall of the neutral layer is subjected to the tensile stress σ1, and the tube wall is thinned.

The inner wall of the neutral layer is subjected to tensile stress σ1, and the tube wall becomes thick.

Moreover, the shape of the cross section changes from a circular shape to an approximately elliptical shape due to the action of the resultant forces F1 and F2.

When the amount of deformation is too large, cracks will occur on the outer tube wall and wrinkles will appear on the inner tube wall.

The degree of deformation of the pipe depends on the relative bending radius R/D and the relative thickness t/D value, and the smaller the R/D and t/D values, the greater the degree of deformation.

In order to ensure the quality of the tube forming, it is necessary to control the degree of deformation within the allowable range.

The bending forming limit of the pipe depends not only on the mechanical properties of the material and the bending method, but also on the use requirements of the pipe fittings.

The forming limit of the pipe fittings should include the following contents:

1) The maximum elongation deformation in the outer tensile deformation zone of the neutral layer does not exceed the plastic allowable value of the material to cause cracking;

2) In the compression deformation zone inside the neutral layer, the thin-walled structure part subjected to tangential compressive stress does not wrinkle beyond the instability;

3) If the pipe fitting has the requirement of ellipticity, the section of the pipe is controlled to be distorted;

If the pipe has the strength requirement to withstand the internal pressure, control the forming limit of the wall thickness reduction.

Use condition

(1) Electric oil pump instruction manual.

(2) Screw the working cylinder into the internal thread of the square block so that the wheel on the rear end of the cylinder is down.

(3) Select the die according to the outer diameter of the bent pipe and put it on the plunger.

The grooves corresponding to the two rollers are directed toward the die and then placed in the correspondingly sized flower plate holes.

Then cover the upper plate and insert the bent pipe into the groove.

Then pull the movable part of the quick joint end of the high pressure oil pipe back and put it on the joint of the working cylinder.

Tighten the oil drain screw on the electric oil pump to bend the pipe.

After the elbow is completed, loosen the oil drain screw and the plunger will automatically reset.

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