The plasma has a high temperature and can provide a high enthalpy working medium to produce materials that cannot be obtained by conventional methods.


In addition, the atmosphere technology is controllable, the equipment is relatively simple, and the process flow can be significantly shortened, so the plasma technology has been greatly developed.

In 1879, W. Crookes pointed out that the ionized gas in the discharge tube is the fourth state of matter different from gas, liquid and solid.

In 1928, I. Langmuer named it Plasma.

The most common plasmas are illuminating gases such as arcs, neon lights, and fluorescent lamps, as well as lightning, aurora, etc.

With the development of science and technology, people have been able to artificially generate plasma in a variety of ways to form a widely used plasma technology.

Generally, a plasma with a temperature of about 108K is called a high temperature plasma.

Currently only used in controlled thermonuclear fusion experiments;

Plasma with industrial application value is a low temperature plasma with a temperature between 2×103 and 5×104K and lasting for several minutes or even several tens of hours.

It is mainly obtained by gas discharge method and combustion method.

Gas discharge is further divided into arc discharge, high frequency induction discharge and low pressure discharge.

The plasma generated by the former two is called a thermal plasma, and is mainly used as a high temperature heat source;

The plasma produced by the latter is called a cold plasma and has special physical properties that are industrially available.

However, in the treatment of organic waste gas, it is necessary to prevent an easy explosion and an explosion accident due to high-voltage discharge.

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