Pneumatic Punching Machine

The pneumatic punching machine uses the high-pressure gas generated by the compressor to deliver the compressed gas to the solenoid valve through the pipeline, and controls the operation of the solenoid valve through the foot switch to control the operation of the cylinder, thereby achieving the purpose of punching.

Pneumatic Punching Machine

Technical principle

The compressed air can be stored in the gas storage tank and taken away at any time, so the motor has no idling energy waste.

The use of the cylinder as the working component and the use of the solenoid valve as the control element make the structure of the machine simpler, the failure rate is low, the safety is high, the maintenance is simple, the maintenance cost is lower, and the production efficiency is high.

The 220V power supply is used to realize the control of the solenoid valve, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Main feature

1. The pneumatic punch is relatively hygienic and clean.

Advanced optoelectronic protection technology can achieve a significant increase in safety performance.

The combination of computer counting and program can realize unattended processing flow, greatly improve the efficiency of work and reduce the cost of production.

In the field of punching various metal and non-metal pipes and plates, most of them are done by electric punching machines.

The electric punching machine not only has a large noise and pollut environment, but also its complicated structural components determine its high cost, difficult maintenance, high maintenance cost, bulky body, and has high power consumption.

The operation is complicated, the failure rate is high, and the safety hazard is large.

2. The machine has simple structure and low production cost.

It adopts pneumatic technology to realize that one air compressor can work for multiple pneumatic punching machines at the same time, which is more energy-saving than electric punching machines.

Reduce power consumption. The operation is simple, the safety type is high, and the foot switch is used to control the electromagnetic valve, the structure is simple, the failure rate is low, and the production efficiency is improved.


Applicable to the hole punching of various metal and non-metal pipes and plates.

Machinery industry

Stamping parts, stamping processing, hardware stamping parts, metal stamping parts, automobile stamping parts, tensile parts, metal tensile parts, stamping sheet metal parts.

Household products

Electronics, communication, electrical appliances, lighting, toys, chassis, furniture, sports equipment, barbecue tableware hardware, lighting hardware, electronic hardware, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils, hinges, cotter pins, spring pins, pliers, dried fruit pliers, packaging materials , sticker, mobile phone film, gasket, mat, aluminum, terminal, speaker net.

Road traffic

Transportation products, automotive/safety, protective equipment, automobile and motorcycle and accessories communication products.

Office supplies

Power cabinets, ATM teller shells, air conditioning parts, printers, copier racks and all kinds of precision sheet metal.

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