11 Practices for Enhancing the Appearance of Stainless Steel Electric Box Surface

1. Select 30L stainless steel

The 30L stainless steel material has been selected for its similar performance to 304 stainless steel in all aspects. 304 stainless steel is well known for its excellent performance and suitability for a variety of applications.

However, 304L has an improved anti-intergranular corrosion effect and can effectively resolve welding rust issues compared to 304.

Practices Make The Outer Surface Of The Stainless Steel Electric Box More Beautiful

2. Clean the oil and dirt at the welding position and perform a passivation treatment before welding.

3. The selected welding wire for this process is 316L, which is known for its good low-carbon corrosion prevention effect, as mentioned in the introduction of the 316L material.

4. To prevent high-temperature carbides from precipitating, use low current welding during full welding. For materials with a thickness of 1-2mm, the current should be controlled within the range of 45-75A.

Practices Make The Outer Surface Of The Stainless Steel Electric Box More Beautiful

5. During welding, the presence of pores in the molten slag is not acceptable, and no joint should be present during full welding.

6. To prevent free iron from adhering to the product surface during grinding, a separate grinding site should be selected (away from the grinding area for iron parts) and a new grinding wheel/polishing wheel, or a grinding wheel/polishing wheel specifically for stainless steel products, should be used for polishing.

7. The welding spots (burn color) at each position must be removed. For areas that cannot be polished, they can be cleaned with a welding spot cleaning paste or cleaning solution.

8. After grinding the welding slag, it should be polished after rough polishing to ensure there are no visible trachomas, deep scratches, grinding marks, or other rough surfaces.

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(It is recommended to have bright lighting before wire drawing, as it can significantly improve the appearance of the cabinet after wire drawing.)

Practices Make The Outer Surface Of The Stainless Steel Electric Box More Beautiful

9. For wire drawing, 120# filament nylon wheels shall be utilized. The shallow wire drawing process should be performed in the vertical direction of the cabinet.

Note: The final product will not have a noticeable silk texture or soft feel when touched by hand.

[Effect of shallow wire drawing: the wire drawing pattern gives obvious visual effect and covers the shallow scratches;

The surface will not have a distinct tactile feel when touched by hand, which helps to decrease surface roughness and reduces the likelihood of surface discoloration and corrosion (as stated above).

Longitudinal wire drawing can decrease the accumulation of dust and dirt on the product’s surface. Shallow wire drawing can preserve the initial bright color prior to wire drawing.

  1. Clean any dust and dirt from the product surface.
  2. Applying talcum powder to the outer surface of the product can improve its color and shine, and provide some level of protection.

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