Maybe you are a manufacturer of the press brake.

Maybe you are a sheet metal processing factory and now you need to buy a press brake.

Now you urgently need to quickly calculate the required bending tonnage. By using the press brake bending force calculator we have made for this purpose, you only need to enter the sheet metal thickness, the bending length and our recommended vee opening width, the calculator will show the required bending force.

Of course, if you want to know exactly how the tonnage of the press brake is calculated, you can refer to the article provided at the end of this page. It details how to get the required press brake tonnage in three different ways.

Let’s start by using the press brake tonnage calculator that we have made for you.

Press Brake Tonnage Calculator

The recommended V-opening width of bottom die

S 0.5-3mm 3-8mm 9-10mm >12mm
V 6*S 8*S 10*S 12*S

Inner R Formula

Inner R Formula
Allow minimum bend edge size B(mm)
165° 135° 120° 90° 60° 45° 30°
0.51×V 0.55×V 0.58×V 0.71×V 1×v 1.31×V 1.94×V

Data of V, R, B

Press Brake Bending Force Chart_MachineMfg

Air Bending Force Chart

Do you want to know the other two methods to calculate the required tonnage?

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