Press Brake Operator’s Job Responsibilities and Salaries

Job Responsibilities

  • Under the leadership of the director in sheet metal workshop, conscientiously learn to obey the rules and regulations of the company, obey the arrangement of the leadership work, unite the staff, make positive efforts, and do the saving work well, produce the qualified products.
  • Responsible for routine maintenance, inspection, repair, adjustment, fastening, and do a good record for the press brake.
  • Familiar with the safety technical procedures, in strict accordance with the safety technology disclosure and operating procedures. Master the normal operation method of the press brake. Can accurately judge, timely and correctly take urgent measures under the abnormal situation of machinery.
  • Check whether there is enough oil in the tank, checking valve, pipeline leakage, and oil pressure after start the pump, confirm where they meet the requirements.
  • Before start press brake must carefully check whether the motor, switch, wire, and grounding are normal and firm, check whether the control parts of equipment and buttons are in the correct position.
  • Check the coincidence degree and robustness of the upper and lower mold, and check whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of the fabrication.
  • Back to the origin program when the upper slide plate and each positioning axis are not in the Origin state.
  • 1-2 minutes after the equipment starts the empty operation, and the stroke finished 2-3 times movement, if discovers has the abnormal sound or has the breakdown, stop the press brake immediately, eliminate the trouble. After everything is confirmed in good condition to start to continue operation.
  • During work there should be 1 people take the command so that the operators and feed suppression personnel can work closely; send a bend signal after confirming all the personnel is in a safe position.
  • Sheet metal must be compacted in order to prevent the injuries due to the warping during bending operation.
  • The power must be cut off and waiting for the machine stopped before adjusting the punch.
  • When changing the V opening of the bottom dies, no material is allowed to contact the lower die.
  • Check whether the fastening screws are loose frequently.
  • Do not operate the press brake alone, should be coordinated by 2 people to feed, control the size of precision, and material takes. The site should be commanded by one person.
  • No other items should be placed on the workbench.
  • The press brake must be stopped before adjustment and cleaning.
  • Stack the finished products well, clean the site, cut off the power and lock the switch box before off duty.


In China, the wages for press brake operators are around 450-800usd per month. And the salary is different in various countries.

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