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25 Press Brake Safety Operating Procedures

  1. Strictly adhere to the safety operation procedures of machine tools and wear labor protection equipment as required.
  2. Before starting, carefully check whether the motor, switch, wiring, and grounding are normal and firm, and check whether the control parts and buttons of the equipment are in the correct position.
  3. Check the coincidence and firmness of the top punch and bottom dies; check whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of the workpieces.
  4. When the ram and each positioning axis are not at the origin, run the return-to-origin program.
  5. After the equipment starts, it should idle for 1-2 minutes, and the ram should move the full stroke 2-3 times. If there are abnormal sounds or faults, stop immediately, eliminate the faults, and only work when everything is normal.
  6. During operation, one person should command to ensure the operator and the feeding and pressing personnel cooperate closely, and ensure that the coordinating personnel are in a safe position before giving the bending signal.
  7. According to the thickness and shape size of the bending sheet, adjust the ram stroke and choose the top punch and bottom dies and bending pressure. Select the size of the lower die mouth and verify the bending force of the workpiece. Be sure to refer to the bending force table on the right side of the machine tool. The working bending force must not be greater than the nominal force.
  8. When adjusting the gap between the top punch and bottom dies, the ram must stop at the upper dead point. The gap must be adjusted from large to small. Initially, the gap between the top punch and bottom dies can be about 1mm larger than the thickness of the plate. The gap must be greater than the thickness of the plate to avoid crushing the mold due to no gap.
  9. When more than two people are bending, one person should be designated to step on the brake. Cut off the power when leaving the machine tool.
  10. Do not perform unilateral or single-point loading work.
  11. The sheet must be firmly pressed when bending to prevent the sheet from lifting and injuring people during bending.
  12. Do not stack miscellaneous items and tools between the top punch and bottom dies.
  13. When adjusting the sheet pressing mold, cut off the power and stop running.
  14. Choose the bending mold correctly, the fastening positions of the top punch and bottom dies should be correct, and prevent external injuries when installing the top punch and bottom dies.
  15. When changing the opening of the variable lower mold, no material is allowed to touch the lower mold.
  16. Choose the bending pressure correctly. The pressure should be less than half of the maximum pressure when offloading.
  17. The length of the workpiece under maximum bending pressure should not be less than 1/3 of the length of the workbench.
  18. No one is allowed to stand at the rear of the machine tool while it is in operation.
  19. It is strictly forbidden to bend the sheet alone at one end.
  20. If the workpiece or mold is found to be incorrect during operation, stop and correct it. Do not correct it with your hand during operation to prevent hand injuries.
  21. Do not bend overly thick iron plates or quenched steel plates, high-alloy steels, square steels, and sheets that exceed the performance of the sheet bending machine, to avoid damaging the machine tool.
  22. Regularly check the coincidence of the top punch and bottom dies; whether the indication of the pressure gauge complies with the regulations.
  23. Stop the machine immediately in case of abnormalities, check the cause and notify the relevant personnel to eliminate the fault in time.
  24. Before shutting down, place wooden blocks on the lower mold under the two side cylinders and lower the ram to the wooden blocks.
  25. After completing the work, exit the control system program first, then cut off the power and clean the workspace.

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