5 Steps to Install Press Brake Toolings and Commission Correctly

Press brake is a kind of forging machinery, mainly applied in the metal processing industry. The press brake toolings are composed of a lot of parts. Therefore, when installation must check the status of the equipment, and carry out in strict accordance with the steps. At the same time, pay attention to safety in the installation and commissioning process.

Well, what are the precautions during press brake toolings installation and commissioning?

  1. CNC press brake adjustment, before the installation, first of all, to adjust the machine performance, the process must be patient and serious. Check the machine for dust and used iron debris, etc., to carry out the necessary cleanup to reduce the late trouble.
  2. CNC press brake slider stroke adjustment. Pay attention to check the thickness of the mold and the normalness of the upper and lower mold proportion. Normally, the mold should be controlled at the switching point of the stroke line.
  3. Stroke module adjustment, that is to adjust the upper limit point of the stroke. When the module up to the highest level, set the switch and set aside the stay position of the slider. At the same time, reduce the speed of module when down moving, better protect the machines and molds.
  4. Gad adjustment. Mainly to measure the distance between the upper module and lower module. The specific gap is set according to the folding plate.
  5. Angle adjustment. The angle adjustment has a certain relationship with the product. Generally, bending 90° molds, the middle angle must larger than the angle between the two sides. The tightness can be adjusted according to the screw. Adjust the pressure according to the pressure gauge to avoid mold chipping.

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