Press Brakes Toolings Materials Selection and Performance Features

Press Brake Toolings

Press brakes toolings material: Cr12Mo1v1,42CrMo, T10a

Hardening: HRC: 52 ° -60 °

± Tolerance: .002

Standard length: 835mm, 800mm, 550mm

(Standard press brake toolings in stock, non – standard bending machine mold can be customized according to customer drawings)

Conventional separation of press brake toolings is as follows:

press brake segment die

Segment die 1:

Upper die: 100 (left), 10,15,20,40,50,200,300,100 (right) = 835mm

Lower die: 10、15、20、40、50、100、200、400 = 835mm

Segment die 2:

Upper die: 100 (left), 10,15,20,40,50,165,300,100 (right) = 800mm


The mold including: offset die, concentric lower die, upper die, lower die, composite forming mold, etc.

The bending machine die is a tool used for sheet metal forming process. The toolings are composited by a variety of different parts. It is mainly used to realized product outlook shaping through changing the physical state of the material. To make the raw material into the workpiece with different shape and size under the hydraulic pressure of press brakes.

The selection of press brake toolings mainly adopt T8, T10 steel, and some better material such as 42CrMo. 42CrMo is a high strength alloy quenched and tempered steel, with high strength and good toughness, can work below 500 degrees. It requires high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance.

View from the development of CNC bending machine mold, from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, the material of press brake toolings are represented by high-speed steel. In 1927, Germany first developed the carbide alloy CNC press brake die and used widely. In the 1950s, Sweden and the United States, respectively, synthetic synthetic diamond, CNC press brake die enter into the era of superhard materials.

In the 1970s, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) was synthesized by high-pressure synthesis technology, which solved the problem of scarce and expensive price of natural diamond, and extended the application of press brake toolings made of diamond into aviation, aerospace, automobile, Electronics, stone and other fields.

The selection of CNC press brake die is the basis for success of cutting process. Compared with the carbide, the speed of press brake die made of PCD can reach 4000m/min, while the carbide is only its 1/4. The service life of press brake die made of PCD generally can improve 20 times. The surface quality of the press brake die made of PCD if 30-40% better than those made of carbide alloy. In addition, the development of press brake die made of CBN superhard materials (vertical boron nitride) and surface coating technology, promoted the improve of cutting technology a lot.

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