Properties of Aluminum Alloy Welding Wires 5183, 5356, and 5087

In the world of welding, choosing the right material is crucial for achieving strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant joints.

Aluminum alloys, in particular, have gained popularity due to their lightweight and versatile properties.

In this blog post, we will delve into the properties of three widely-used aluminum alloy welding wires: 5183, 5356, and 5087. We will discuss their unique mechanical properties, classification grade, and composition etc.

Additionally, we will explore the new generation of uncoated MAG welding wires and provide helpful reference tables for ESAB aluminum and stainless steel welding materials. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind these essential welding components and learn how to make the most of their capabilities.

Aluminum alloy welding material

Category ESAB
Technical standard Mechanical properties of deposited metal Chemical composition of deposited metal (in %) 
SFA/AWS A5.10DIN 1732Yield strength MpaTensile strength MpaElongation%Impact toughness
Gas-shielded welding wire OK Autrod 1100ER1100SG Al99.5357533 <> 99.5
OK Autrod 4043ER4043SG AlSi55516518
OK Autrod 4047ER4047SG AlSi128017012< 0.2bal.
OK Autrod 5356ER5356SG AlMg512026526 < 0.10.15Mg4.9< 0.2bal.
OK Autrod 5183ER5183SG AlMg4.5Mn14029025+20 ℃ 30< 0.20.6Mg4.8< 0.2Bal.
Argon arc welding wireOK Tigrod 1100 SG Al99.5357533 <> 99.5
OK Tigrod 4043ER4043SG AlSi55516518
OK Tigrod 4047ER4047SG AlSi128017012< 0.2bal.
OK Tigrod 5356ER5356SG AlMg512026526 < 0.10.15Mg4.9< 0.2bal.
OK Tigrod 5183ER5183SG AlMg4.5Mn14029025+20 ℃ 30< 0.20.6Mg4.8< 0.2Bal.

New generation of uncoated MAG welding wire

CategoryWelding material gradeSpecification PackagingClassification grade
Low carbon steel OK AristoRod 12.500.8~1.618KgAWS A5.18 ER70S-6
OK AristoRod 12.570.8~1.618KgAWS A5.18 ER70S-3
OK AristoRod 12.620.8~1.618KgAWS A5.18 ER70S-2
OK AristoRod 12.630.8~1.618KgAWS A5.18 ER70S-6
OK AristoRod 12.650.8~1.618KgAWS A5.18 ER70S-6
High-strength steelOK AristoRod 13.080.8~1.618KgAWS A5.28 ER80S-D2
OK AristoRod 13.090.8~1.618KgAWS A5.28 ER80S-G
OK AristoRod 13.120.8~1.618kgAWS A5.28 ER80S-G
OK AristoRod 13.130.8~1.618KgAWS A5.28 ER100S-G
OK AristoRod 13.220.8~1.618kgAWS A5.28 ER90S-G
OK AristoRod 13.260.8~1.618KgAWS A5.28 ER80S-G
OK AristoRod 13.290.8~1.618kgAWS A5.28 ER100S-G

Performance Introduction: OK AristoRod is the latest development of uncoated and highly efficient gas-shielded welding wire designed to meet the requirements of high-performance automation and robot welding. It is a top-level product in the MAG welding wire family.

Advanced surface treatment technology achieves a high-quality copper-plated welding wire, making the wire not only corrosion-resistant but also has a small voltage drop, greatly improving the conductivity stability.

Therefore, it greatly improves the arc stability and reduces welding spatter. The smooth and reliable wire feeding in a high-speed feeding state can achieve higher welding deposition efficiency.

Even at extremely high welding currents, it still has an extremely stable arc, with minimal welding spatter.

Therefore, it is very suitable for the frequent start-stop welding process of robot welding. The special manufacturing process of the welding wire can reduce the wear of the contact tip, reducing the cost of consumables.

Compared with coated welding wire, the smoke produced during welding is minimal, greatly reducing the harmful effects of gases on operators.                      

ESAB Aluminum Welding Wire Grade Reference Table

AWS 5.10DIN 1732New EN ISO 18273
Serial numberCompositionSerial numberComposition
OK Autrod 1100   Al 1100Al99.0Cu
OK Tigrod 1100R1100  Al 1100Al99.0Cu
OK Autrod 1070 3.0259Al99.5Al 1070Al99.7
OK Tigrod 1070 3.0259Al99.5Al 1070Al99.7
OK Autrod 4043ER40433.2245AlSi5Al 4043/Al 4043AAlSi5/AlSi5(A)
OK Tigrod 4043R40433.2245AlSi5Al 4043/Al 4043AAlSi5/AlSi5(A)
OK Autrod 4047ER40473.2585AlSi12Al 4047/Al 4047AAlSi12/AlSi12(A)
OK Tigrod 4047R40473.2585AlSi12Al 4047/Al 4047AAlSi12/AlSi12(A)
OK Autrod 1450 3.0805Al99.5TiAl 1450Al99.5Ti
OK Tigrod 1450 3.0805Al99.5TiAl 1450Al99.5Ti
OK Autrod 5754 3.3536AlMg3Al 5754AlMg3
OK Tigrod 5754 3.3536AlMg3Al 5754AlMg3
OK Autrod 5554ER5554 AlMg2.7MnAl 5554AlMg2.7Mn
OK Tigrod 5554R5554 AlMg2.7MnAl 5554AlMg2.7Mn
OK Autrod 5356ER53563.3556AlMg5Al 5356/Al 5356(A)AlMg5Cr(A)
OK Tigrod 5356R53563.3556AlMg5Al 5356/Al 5356(A)AlMg5Cr(A)
OK Autrod 5183ER51833.3548AlMg4.5MnAl 5183/Al 5183(A)AlMg4.5Mn0.7(A)
OK Tigrod 5183R51833.3548AlMg4.5MnAl 5183/Al 5183(A)AlMg4.5Mn0.7(A)
OK Autrod 5087 3.3546AlMg4.5MnZrAl 5087AlMg4.5MnZr
OK Tigrod 5087 3.3546AlMg4.5MnZrAl 5087AlMg4.5MnZr
OK Autrod 5556ER5556 AlMg5MnAl 5556AAlMg5Mn
OK Tigrod 5556R5556 AlMg5MnAl 5556AAlMg5Mn

ESAB Stainless Steel Welding Material Grade Cross Reference Table

MIG Stainless Steel Gas-shielded Welding Wire.

ESAB Current grade ESAB Newest grade EN 12072AWS A5.9
OK Autrod 16.10OK Autrod 308LG 19 9 LER308L
OK Autrod 16.11OK Autrod 347SiG 19 9 NbSiER347Si
OK Autrod 16.12OK Autrod 308LSiG 19 9 LSiER308LSi
OK Autrod 16.15OK Autrod 308HG 19 9 HER308H
OK Autrod 16.30OK Autrod 316LG 19 12 3 LER316L
OK Autrod 16.31OK Autrod 318SiG 19 12 3 NbSi(ER318Si)
OK Autrod 16.32OK Autrod 316LSiG 19 12 3 LSiER316LSi
OK Autrod 16.34OK Autrod 317LG 18 15 3 LER317L
OK Autrod 16.35OK Autrod 316HG 19 12 3 HER316H
OK Autrod 16.38OK Autrod 16.38G 20 16 3 Mn L 
OK Autrod 16.51OK Autrod 309LSiG 23 12 LSiER309LSi
OK Autrod 16.52OK Autrod 309SiG Z 23 12 SiER309Si
OK Autrod 16.53OK Autrod 309LG 23 12 LER309L
OK Autrod 16.54OK Autrod 309MoLG 23 12 2 L(ER309LMo)
OK Autrod 16.55OK Autrod 385G 20 25 5 Cu LER385
OK Autrod 16.70OK Autrod 310G 25 20ER310
OK Autrod 16.75OK Autrod 312G 29 9ER312
OK Autrod 16.76OK Autrod 430LNb  
OK Autrod 16.77OK Autrod 430 ER430
OK Autrod 16.79OK Autrod 410NiMoG 13 4(ER410NiMo)
OK Autrod 16.81OK Autrod 430TiG Z 17 Ti 
OK Autrod 16.82OK Autrod 409Nb ER409Cb
OK Autrod 16.86OK Autrod 2209G 22 9 3 N LER2209
OK Autrod 16.88OK Autrod 2509G 25 9 4 N LER2509
OK Autrod 16.95OK Autrod 16.95G 18 8 Mn 

 TIG Rods Stainless Steel Argon Arc Welding Wire

ESAB Current gradeESAB Newest gradeEN 12072AWS A5.9
OK Tigrod 16.10OK Tigrod 308LW 19 9 LER308L
OK Tigrod 16.11OK Tigrod 347SiW 19 9 NbSiER347Si
OK Tigrod 16.12OK Tigrod 308LSiW 19 9 LSiER308LSi
OK Tigrod 16.15OK Tigrod 308HW 19 9 HER308H
OK Tigrod 16.21OK Tigrod 347W 19 9 NbER347
OK Tigrod 16.30OK Tigrod 316LW 19 12 3 LER316L
OK Tigrod 16.31OK Tigrod 318SiW 19 12 3 NbSi(ER318Si)
OK Tigrod 16.32OK Tigrod 316LSiW 19 12 3 LSiER316LSi
OK Tigrod 16.34Ok Tigrod 317LW 18 15 3 LER317L
OK Tigrod 16.35OK Tigrod 316HW 19 12 3 HER316H
OK Tigrod 16.38OK Tigrod 16.38W 20 16 3 Mn L 
OK Tigrod 16.51OK Tigrod 309LSiW 23 12 LSiER309LSi
OK Tigrod 16.53OK Tigrod 309LW 23 12 LER309L
OK Tigrod 16.54OK Tigrod 309MoLW 23 12 2 L(ER309LMo)
OK Tigrod 16.55OK Tigrod 385W 20 25 5 Cu LER385
OK Tigrod 16.70OK Tigrod 310W 25 20ER310
OK Tigrod 16.75OK Tigrod 312W 29 9ER312
OK Tigrod 16.77OK Tigrod 430 ER430
OK Tigrod 16.79OK Tigrod 410NiMoW 13 4(ER410NiMo)
OK Tigrod 16.81OK Tigrod 430TiW Z 17 Ti 
OK Tigrod 16.86OK Tigrod 2209W 22 9 3 N LER2209
OK Tigrod 16.88OK Tigrod 2509ER2509 
OK Tigrod 16.95OK Tigrod 16.95W 18 8 Mn 

 SAW Stainless Steel Submerged Arc Welding Wire 

ESAB Current gradeESAB Newest grade  EN 12072AWS A5.9
OK Autrod 16.10OK Autrod 308LS 19 9 LER308L
OK Autrod 16.15OK Autrod 308HS 19 9 HER308H
OK Autrod 16.21OK Autrod 347S 19 9 NbER347
OK Autrod 16.30OK Autrod 316LS 19 12 3 LER316L
OK Autrod 16.34OK Autrod 317LS 18 15 3 LER317L
OK Autrod 16.35OK Autrod 316HS 19 12 3 HER316H
OK Autrod 16.38OK Autrod 16.38S 20 16 3 Mn L 
OK Autrod 16.41OK Autrod 318S 19 12 3 NbER318
OK Autrod 16.53OK Autrod 309LS 23 12 LER309L
OK Autrod 16.54OK Autrod 309MoLS 23 12 2 L(ER309LMo)
OK Autrod 16.55OK Autrod 385S 20 25 5 Cu LER385
OK Autrod 16.70OK Autrod 310S 25 20ER310
OK Autrod 16.75OK Autrod 312S 29 9ER312
OK Autrod 16.77OK Autrod 430 ER430
OK Autrod 16.79OK Autrod 410NiMoS 13 4(ER410NiMo)
OK Autrod 16.80OK Autrod 410 ER410
OK Autrod 16.81OK Autrod 430TiS Z 17 Ti 
OK Autrod 16.83OK Autrod 420 ER420
OK Autrod 16.86OK Autrod 2209S 22 9 3 N LER2209
OK Autrod 16.87OK Autrod 310MoLS 25 22 2 N L(ER310LMo)
OK Autrod 16.88OK Autrod 2509S 25 9 4 N LER2509
OK Autrod 16.97OK Autrod 16.97S 18 8 Mn 

 Stainless Steel Strip Overlay Welding Tape.

ESAB Current gradeESAB Newest gradeEN 12072AWS
OK Band 11.26OK Band 11.26UP-NiCr20NbERNiCr–3
OK Band 11.42OK Band 11.42S 23 12 LEQ309L
OK Band 11.44OK Band 11.44S 19 12 3 Nb 
OK Band 11.45OK Band 11.45S 13 4EQ410NiMo
OK Band 11.46OK Band 11.46S 13 4EQ410NiMo
OK Band 11.52OK Band 11.52S Z17Mo 
OK Band 11.58OK Band 11.58  
OK Band 11.61OK Band 308LS 19 9 LEQ308L
OK Band 11.62OK Band 347S 19 9 NbEQ347
OK Band 11.63OK Band 316LS 19 12 3 LEQ316L
OK Band 11.64OK Band 2209S 22 9 3 N LEQ2209
OK Band 11.65OK Band 309LS 23 12 LEQ309L
OK Band 11.66OK Band 309LNbS 23 12 L Nb 
OK Band 11.67OK Band 309Mo  
OK Band 11.68OK Band 310MoLS 25 22 2 N L(EQ310MoL)
OK Band 11.69OK Band 385  
OK Band 11.71OK Band 309L ESW (EQ 309L)
OK Band 11.72OK Band 309LNb ESW (EQ 309LNb)
OK Band 11.73OK Band 309LMo ESW (EQ 309LMo)
OK Band 11.80OK Band 410  
OK Band 11.81OK Band 420  
OK Band 11.82OK Band 430S 17EQ430
OK Band 11.83OK Band 430Ni  
OK Band 11.92OK Band NiCrMo3 ERNiCrMo–3
OK Band 11.94OK Band NiCu7UP-NiCu30MnTiERNiCu–7
OK Band 11.95OK Band NiCr3UP-NiCr20NbERNiCr–3
OK Band 11.96OK Band Ni1UP-NiTi4ERNi–1
OK Band 11.99OK Band NiCrMo13UP-NiCr23Mo16ER-NiCrMo-13
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