Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Qinchuan machine tool”, stock code: 000837) is the R & D and manufacturing base of China’s precision CNC machine tools and complex tools. It is a leading enterprise in China’s machine tool industry, ranking third in scale.

National high-tech enterprises and innovative pilot enterprises have national enterprise technology center, academician and expert workstation, postdoctoral research workstation, American R & D institutions and three provincial technology R & D centers.
It has successively won one “first prize of national science and technology progress”, four “second prize of national science and technology progress” and one “project commendation award of China Industrial Award”.

It has been awarded such honors as “2014 industry leader enterprise”, “quality benchmark enterprise demonstration”, “2013 annual evaluation and commendation enterprise of China’s industrial enterprise brand competitiveness”, “Shaanxi enterprise integrity Award”, etc. “Qinchuan Qinchuan” trademark has been recognized as “well-known protection” by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce.

The main products include: gear grinder, thread grinder, cylindrical grinder (crankshaft grinding, spherical grinding, axle grinding), gear hobbing machine, general CNC lathe and machining center, gantry type turning milling boring grinding compound machining center, plastic machinery (hollow machine, wood plastic equipment), precision and efficient broaching machine and other high-end CNC equipment, CNC complex tools; high-end CNC system, rolling functional components, steam turbine Automobile parts, special gear boxes, robot joint reducers, screw rotor pairs, precision gears, precision instruments, precision castings and other parts; as well as modern manufacturing services such as digital workshop and system integration, machine tool remanufacturing and factory services, supply chain management and financial leasing.

Adhering to the development idea of “leading technology and winning mode”, the company strives to build three 1 / 3 business segments (machine tool equipment, intelligent manufacturing island (production line); key parts manufacturing led by high-end technology; modern manufacturing service industry), and is determined to become a technology leader, industry leader and pursuer of high-end market share in the fields involved; and is good at system integration Chang, a large CNC machine tool enterprise group with the characteristics of “precision, high efficiency, composite, special purpose and large scale”, strives to build a world-class system integration service provider and key parts supplier in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing.

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