Qizhong Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Qizhong CNC) was originally established in 1950 as Qiqihar No. 1 Machine Tool Plant and was one of 156 key construction projects during the first Five-Year Plan period. It is a leading large-scale key enterprise in China’s machine tool industry.

In 2007, Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Co., Ltd. and Qizhong CNC underwent a strategic restructuring, resulting in Qizhong CNC becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company, Tianma.

The company boasts a sprawling 1.06 million square meter facility, with a construction area of 420,000 square meters and over 4,000 employees. It has a strong manufacturing capacity, boasting over 2,000 high-end equipment both domestically and abroad, including flexible processing lines and units.

Through years of growth and development, the company now has 10 assembly workshops and 15 machining workshops. Its current annual production capacity of various machine tools is approximately 1,500, with more than 40,000 sets of various machine tools produced since its establishment.

Qizhong CNC’s primary products are vertical and horizontal heavy-duty machine tools, and it also offers heavy-duty deep hole drilling and boring machines, railway lathes, roll lathes, crankshaft lathes, floor milling and boring machines, vertical grinding machines, vertical gear milling machines, gear hobbing machines, among others. The company offers 10 categories, 26 series, and over 600 varieties of machine tools.

Many of the company’s products have reached a world-advanced level, boasting a reasonable design structure and advanced production technology, and all of them hold independent intellectual property rights.

Qizhong Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. (Qizhong CNC) is capable of producing Asia’s largest CNC vertical lathe with a processing diameter of 25 meters and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 600 tons, as well as a horizontal lathe with a maximum processing diameter of 6.3 meters and a maximum processing length of 18 meters. The company boasts a 50% share of the domestic machine tool market.

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Qizhong CNC is equipped with a strong scientific research team, consisting of a national technology center comprised of a R&D center and technology center, a research and development team represented by government experts and discipline leaders in the domestic machine tool industry, and over 1,120 engineering technicians. The company averages 25 new product launches per year.

The company has adopted advanced technology, including a network system, workstations, and servers from Dell in the United States, and utilizes modern design methods such as three-dimensional entity assembly, interference detection, and dynamic analysis through the application of UG drawing software, CAD, CAPP, and three-dimensional dynamic simulation and virtual manufacturing technology. As a result, Qizhong CNC has achieved design informatization and improved design quality while shortening the design cycle.

Qizhong CNC is the first successful ERP resource management enterprise in the domestic machine tool industry and has been recognized as a national key high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as a national CAD application engineering demonstration enterprise. The company has formed close research partnerships with Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Huazhong Institute of Technology, and serves as the innovation base for postgraduate training in Heilongjiang Province.

Qizhong CNC is a national first-class measurement enterprise and boasts a range of precision testing instruments, including an ultrasonic flaw detector from the United States, a coordinate measuring instrument from Japan, and a dual frequency laser interferometer. The company has prioritized technological and management innovation, resulting in numerous high-end heavy-duty control equipment being put into use and modern heavy-duty production workshops being built.

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The company currently operates 15,000 square meters of Asia’s largest super heavy machine assembly workshop, 10,000 square meters of China’s largest digital ecological heavy processing workshop, 35,000 square meters of internationally competitive flexible manufacturing center, 13,000 square meters of internationally advanced precision gear machining center, 15,000 square meters of structural parts manufacturing center, and a number of domestic advanced modern vehicle manufacturing centers. Qizhong CNC has established itself as one of the world-class machine tool enterprises, with its technical level and manufacturing capacity for heavy machine tool products placing it among the world’s best.

Qizhong CNC takes market demand as the starting point for technological innovation and strives to improve the comprehensive national strength and revitalize the national equipment manufacturing industry, with a focus on key areas. The company has a strong commitment to high-end users and competition with the world-class equipment manufacturing industry, providing high-quality products with a five-year warranty period and a comprehensive sales and service network throughout the country.

In recent years, the company has provided a large number of patented technologies and complete sets of equipment for the production and processing of industries such as national defense, transportation, and energy, and has contributed to the development of CNC equipment for national key and urgent projects. The development of these products has not only broken the technical blockade of foreign countries on China, but has also strengthened China’s comprehensive national strength and competitiveness by making full use of high-end products in more than 30 countries and regions, including Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

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Qizhong CNC has received numerous honors over the years, ranging from being named a vanguard enterprise in China’s industrial industry to being a key high-tech enterprise under the national Torch Program, from being a famous brand in China to being an innovative national typical enterprise. The company has received the National May 1st Labor award and the national ten-year achievement award for high-tech industrialization, and has been recognized as one of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, as well as one of the new 18 Arhats in the machine tool industry, ranking third.

The company remains dedicated to creating innovative products that contribute to the improvement of China’s national defense and the strengthening of its comprehensive national strength and competitiveness. Through its commitment to technological and management innovation, Qizhong CNC continues to lead the way in the machine tool industry.

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