4 Requirements Need to Be Met by The Inspection Devices Used on CNC Machines

The position detection device on CNC machines is usually installed on the machine table or screw, which is equivalent to the dials and operator’s eyes of a common machine tool, automatically and continuously detects the displacement of the table and feeds back to the control system.

A large number of facts have proven that for a well-designed high-precision CNC machine, its machining accuracy and positioning accuracy will mainly depend on the detection device.

Therefore, precision testing equipment is an important guarantee for high-precision CNC machine tools.

In general, the inspection devices used on CNC machines should meet the following requirements.

1. Reliable work and strong anti-interference.

2. Meet the requirements of precision and speed.

3. Easy to use and maintain, suitable for the working environment of machine tools.

4. Low cost, attractive and reasonable price.

Usually, the detection accuracy of CNC machine tool detection device is 0.001 ~ 0.01mm/m, the resolution is 0.001 ~ 0.01mm/m, which can meet the machine tool table to move at a speed of 1 ~ 10m/min.


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