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For sheet metal bending, the press brake is a necessary machine. We have NC type and CNC type press brakes. At the same time, we can customize the punches and dies according to your practical use in sheet metal fabrication.

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For the straight cutting of steel plate, hydraulic shearing machine is a good choice. It not only has high cutting efficiency, but also requires less investment. We have both swing beam shears and guillotine shears for your selection.

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In the current metal plate and pipe cutting, laser cutting machine is undoubtedly the best choice. It can not only cut various shapes, but also has small cutting gap, high precision and high cutting efficiency. Today, it is very cost-effective.

Safety Protection Method for Robot Arc Welding Station

Safety Protection Method for Robot Arc Welding Station

The safety protection method of the robot arc welding station is mainly for:

  • Arc, arc welding fumes and toxic gases
  • Mechanical failure

Different security measures are applied to these two damages.

  1. Protection against arc and smoke

Under normal circumstances, the protection against arc and smoke is mainly occlusion, and the closed position is used to isolate the welding position from the outside world.

And a smoke exhaust system is installed above the welding station, and the smoke and harmful gases generated by the welding are discharged from the workstation for centralized treatment.

The security bar is part of the system security device.

The perimeter fence separates the welding station from the outside, and the top of the fence is fitted with a protective roof and connected to a soot system or pipe.

When welding generates smoke and harmful gases, it can be discharged out of the workstation in time, so that the operation or maintenance personnel can not see the arc outside the workstation, or prevent harmful smoke when breathing into the workstation.

This type of protection system should be available for general arc welding stations.

In addition to the overall protection above, depending on the layout of the workstation, different methods should be used to isolate the operator from the arc weld.

In multi-station welding workstations, flexible or rigid protective equipment should be used to isolate the operator who is loading and unloading the workpiece from the station being welded to avoid operator exposure to arcing during operation.

  1. For mechanical safety failure

The safety of the arc welding station is not only to prevent arc, smoke and other damage to the surrounding environment and personnel, but more importantly to prevent mechanical safety failure.

When the arc welding system is in operation, ensure that the operator is in a safe range.

When the operator misuses or the machine fails unexpectedly, the system can stop working in time to ensure the safety of personnel.

Most unsafe accidents occur due to the intersection of unsafe behavior, unsafe conditions of the device, or unsafe behavior of the person and the unsafe state of the device.

Unsafe equipment in arc welding stations mainly includes welding robots and reversible displacement devices.

Both have a certain range of motion, and there is a great danger if the operator enters their range of motion while in the working state.

Prevent people from entering unsafe areas while the equipment is in operation.

The first step is to isolate the range of motion between the person and the two by means of a fixed guard to prevent people from entering unsafe areas and reducing the chance of personnel being exposed to the danger zone.

Secondly, when the operator enters the hazardous area, it must be ensured that the machine is in a stopped or failed state.

(3) Eliminating the intersection of unsafe behavior of people and the unsafe state of equipment

Personnel is the core of operations.

Only avoiding unsafe behaviors of people and combining the security status of equipment is the best guarantee for personnel safety.

In the actual work, when designing the arc welding system, the unsafe state of the equipment should be considered.

In the actual operation, the operator should be trained in various regulations, operating procedures and safety awareness.

Develop good safety and correct operating habits in daily production.

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