Exploring CNC Press Brake Safety Protection: Tips and Best Practices

Grounding protection

A grounding device is installed below the junction box of the CNC press brake. To ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, the grounding of the CNC press brake should be securely connected to the workshop grounding grid.

Emergency stop

To facilitate safe and reliable use of the CNC press brake, three emergency stop buttons (SB1, SB2, and SB3) are installed. These buttons are located on the control cabinet door, the hanging box of the NC system, and the mobile operation station, respectively.

If the CNC press brake fails or operates abnormally, press any one of the three buttons, and the CNC press brake will immediately stop running.

Overload (phase failure) protection of motor

To prevent the above motors from being overloaded (or experiencing an open phase) for an extended period of time, all motors of the CNC press brake are equipped with thermal relays as protection components.

In case of a fault, the power supply of the motor will be automatically cut off, achieving the goal of motor protection.

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