Screw Drive

The screw drive is a mechanical transmission that converts the rotary motion and the linear motion by screwing the spiral surface with the thread surface.

Screw Drive


According to its role in the machine, the screw drive can be divided into:

1) Transmission screw drive.

Mainly transmitted, it can be rotated by a small torque to generate axial movement and large axial forces, such as screw presses and screw jacks.

Generally work at low speeds, with short working hours or intermittent work.

2) Conductive screw drive.

It is mainly used for conveying motion and is often used to realize linear feed of tools and tables in machine tools.

Generally, the working speed is high, and continuous operation for a long time requires high transmission precision.

3) Adjust the screw drive.

Used to adjust or fix the relative position between parts (or parts), such as the tensioning screw that adjusts the center distance of the belt drive, and generally does not rotate frequently.

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