Sensing Technology

Sensing technology, along with computer technology and communication, is referred to as the three pillars of information technology.

Sensing Technology

From the perspective of the Internet of Things, the development of sensor technology is a crucial indicator of a country’s level of information technology.

Sensor technology is a modern, interdisciplinary science and engineering field that collects information from natural sources, processes and interprets it.

This technology encompasses various activities, including planning, development, manufacturing/construction, testing, application, and evaluation of sensors (also known as transducers), information processing, and identification.

Technical overview

Access to information relies on a diverse range of sensors that measure various physical quantities, stoichiometry, or biomass.

According to the convexity theorem of information theory, the function and quality of the sensor determine the amount and quality of the information obtained from natural sources, which is crucial in building a high-quality sensing technology system.

Information processing involves pre-processing, post-processing, feature extraction, and selection. The main goal of identification is to identify and classify processed information. This is accomplished by using an association model between the identified object and the feature information to identify, compare, classify, and judge the input feature information set.

As a result, sensing technology is based on information theory and system theory and encompasses many high-tech fields. It is widely used across multiple industries and is considered a fundamental aspect of modern science and technology.

In order to improve productivity, product quality, and reduce costs in manufacturing enterprises, the industry has high demands for reliable and efficient sensing technology that can be applied on site to meet specific requirements.

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