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4 Serious Consequences Of Using Inferior Laser Cutting Head Protective Lens

The use environment of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine is very bad.

Therefore, in order to protect the internal optical path and core components, especially the expensive components such as collimation and focus lens, the cutting head should be equipped with upper and lower protective lenses.

The dust and splash generated on the workpiece surface during the cutting process will cause serious damage to the focus lens if they enter the cutting head, and the lower protective lens can block these dust and splash.

The cleanliness of the protective lens directly affects the processing performance and quality of the laser cutting machine. If the lens is dirty, it will not only affect the cutting effect and efficiency, but also further cause the burning of the internal components of the cutting head and the laser output head.

Therefore, it is first necessary to use the protective lens with good material, high light transmittance and small thermal expansion coefficient.

When the lens is dirty in the processing process, it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

laser cutting head

There are special process requirements for the processing of protective lenses.

There are different processing requirements from the selection of base materials, processing accuracy, surface defects, coating, stability, mechanization (specific gravity, brittleness, tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness), material preparation in the processing process → raw folding → sanding → grinding → coring → coating.

The finished products can be put on the market only after strict quality inspection.

In order to reduce the cost, the inferior protective lens adopts ordinary base materials.

The coating process is not guaranteed. It has poor light transmittance, is not heat-resistant and easy to break. It cannot withstand the penetration of the laser, resulting in the hole explosion of the lens.

The powder particles of the broken lens will pollute the whole cutting head, resulting in the damage of core high-value components such as focusing lens and sensor.

The maintenance cost will be as high as 20-50% of the price of the new cutting head, and the production and processing of the terminal will be delayed.

Cause greater economic losses.

Therefore, we hope that our customers can learn from it and buy laser accessories from the manufacturer’s formal channels to avoid losses!

The following are the adverse effects of poor quality protective glasses.

1. The thermal lens effect causes the focus drift of the cutting head

The poor quality of the protective lens will increase the laser absorptivity.

After continuous irradiation for a long time, the temperature will rise to produce thermal deformation, which will lead to the thermal lens effect, resulting in the focus drift of the cutting head.

The higher the power and the higher the anti material processing, the faster the thermal expansion of the optical element, and the more obvious the thermal lens.

(1) When cutting stainless steel, the focus drift of thermal lens effect will cause inconsistent cutting section effect, more and more slag hanging, and even continuous cutting problems.

(2) When cutting carbon steel, the thermal lens effect will cause more and more slag at the bottom and continuous cutting problems.

2. Burning point / burn through of protective lens

The lower protective lens with poor quality has poor ability to block dust and splash during processing, and is prone to burning point;

For the 10000 watt ultra-high power processing head, the protective lens needs to be carefully selected.

Under the action of 10000 watt laser, the poor quality protective lens will directly burn through the lens.

3. Focusing lens burning point

After the protective lens is burned through, if it is not found in time, it will continue to be polished, and the particle dust generated by cutting will rise and pollute the installation components, sealing rings and the lower surface of the focusing lens, resulting in the burning point on the surface of the focusing lens. It is necessary to deeply clean and replace the whole installation components and focusing lens module.

Focusing lens burning point

4. The laser output head is burnt out

For 10000 watt laser equipment, once the protective lens is burned through, under the action of 10000 watt ultra-high power, it is very easy to instantly burn the internal collimation of the cutting head and the focusing lens module.

In the most serious case, when the optical components inside the cutting head are damaged, the optical path will be abnormal.

The return light will cause the window of the laser fiber output head to heat abnormally, and finally burn out the QBH or loe crystal. The whole laser output head needs to be replaced.

The laser output head is burnt out

Daily precautions for protective lens

1. Select qualified protective lens and “0” type sealing rubber ring to ensure the sealing of cutting head to the greatest extent and prevent dust from entering.

2. Operate and use the cutting machine correctly in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual to reduce the damage to the protective lens caused by improper operation.

3. When installing and replacing the protective lens, try to keep the cutting head horizontal, install the protective lens into the cutting head and lock it.

Avoid the inclination of the cutting head, which will cause dust due to careless installation. (it is best to install in a dust-free environment to avoid dust entering the cutting head and polluting the lens.)

4. Due to the temperature difference inside and outside the cutting head, the imbalance of air pressure will cause dust to fall into the cutting head and affect its service life.

Therefore, the breathing system can be installed to keep the air pressure of the cutting head stable.

5. Due to the relatively large volume of the protective lens box, it is inevitable to mix dust or particles in the replacement process.

Therefore, when replacing the protective lens, quickly pull out the lens box, seal the window with adhesive tape or other films, and complete the replacement carefully.

6. Different cutting processes correspond to different cutting power, type of cut plate, thickness of cut plate and auxiliary gas. Selecting appropriate power according to process cutting parameters is conducive to protecting the cutting head.

7. The wrong cleaning method will also pollute the protective lens and shorten its service life.

The finger directly contacts the lens, resulting in fingerprint on the lens.

When cleaning the lens with a dust-free cotton swab, the lens is scratched due to excessive force The finger directly contacts the lens, resulting in fingerprint on the lens.

When cleaning the lens with a dust-free cotton swab, the lens is scratched due to excessive force.

Correct cleaning method of protective lens

1. Cleaning tools: dust-free wiping cotton swab, isopropyl alcohol and rubber air blowing.

2. Spray isopropyl alcohol on a dust-free wiping cotton swab.

3. Gently pinch the side edge of the protective lens with the thumb and index finger of the left hand.

4. Hold a dust-free cotton swab in your right hand, gently wipe the front and back sides of the lens from bottom to top or from left to right, and blow the lens surface with rubber air to confirm that there is no foreign matter on the lens surface after cleaning.

The use of inferior protective glasses will not only affect the service life of the cutting head and cause various accidents, but also affect the processing progress and quality of the factory, so as to increase the processing cost and reduce the efficiency of the factory.

Here, we advise the majority of users: to buy protective glasses, you must buy them through regular channels and regular manufacturers.

Don’t lose a lot because of a small gain!

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