Stamping Manipulator

The stamping manipulator is a device developed on the basis of automation equipment and specially developed for the unmanned production of stamping automation according to the characteristics of stamping production.

Stamping Manipulator

It can replace the manual stamping, handling, loading and unloading of materials in various stamping stations, and the efficiency of the whole production line reaches 5 seconds.

The automation equipment can save labor and labor costs, improve labor and equipment safety, and maintain product productivity, quality, process stability, etc. for the processing industry with high repeatability, danger and high tempo.

The flexible stamping automatic line is mostly composed of a double-action stretching press or a multi-link single-action stretching press and 4 to 5 single-action presses.

Production of large body panels, with high safety and good stamping quality.

An automated loading and unloading system is arranged on the production line.

Stamping robot features:

  1. The main drive is realized by a high performance servo motor;
  2. Can achieve rapid positioning, lifting, moving;
  3. Adopt special designed lateral translation structure and auxiliary lifting structure;
  4. The whole machine adopts microcomputer to control and interlock the operation of the punching machine, and operates and parameter setting through the touch screen.

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