Surface Grinder

A surface grinder is a type of grinder.

Surface Grinder

The grinding wheel is used to rotate the workpiece and achieve the desired flatness.

Surface grinders can be classified into two types based on the shape of the table: rectangular and circular.

For rectangular table surface grinders, the main parameters are the width and length of the table. For circular table surface grinders, the main parameter is the table diameter.

Surface grinders can also be classified based on the type of shaft, which can either be horizontal or vertical. Examples of this are the M7432 vertical shaft round table surface grinding machine and the 4080 horizontal axis rectangular table surface grinding machine.

Basic classification

This is a description of a grinding machine that is used to grind either a workpiece plane or a profiled surface.

The main types of this machine include horizontal axis rectangular table, horizontal axis round table, vertical axis rectangular table, vertical axis round table, and several other special surface grinders.

① Horizontal axis table surface grinder

The workpiece can be secured either by a rectangular electromagnetic table or by clamping it onto the table and reciprocating it longitudinally.

The wheel frame enables lateral intermittent feed movement along the dovetail guide of the slide. The sliding seat allows for vertical intermittent feed movement along the guide rail of the column. This way, the workpiece can be precisely ground by the grinding wheel, resulting in high accuracy of grinding.

② Vertical shaft round table surface grinder

The workpiece is ground by the vertically mounted grinding wheel spindle, which utilizes the end face of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel frame is capable of performing intermittent vertical feeding movement along the guide rail of the column.

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To achieve high production efficiency, the workpiece is mounted on a rotating circular table for continuous grinding.

Additionally, the circular table can be moved longitudinally along the bed rail to facilitate the loading and unloading of the workpiece.

③ Horizontal axis round table surface grinder

Suitable for grinding round sheet workpieces, and can be used to tilt and grind round workpieces with different thickness.

④ Vertical axis rectangular table surface grinder

Since the diameter of the grinding wheel is larger than the width of the table, the grinding area is large, which is suitable for efficient grinding.

⑤ Double end grinding machine

The grinding wheel end faces of two grinding heads simultaneously grind the two parallel planes of the workpiece. This grinding process can be achieved using two types of grinding machines: horizontal shaft and vertical shaft.

To guide the workpiece through the grinding wheel, a linear or rotary feeding device is utilized.

This grinding machine is highly efficient and suitable for mass production of parts like bearing rings and piston rings.

Apart from this, there are guide grinding machines for grinding the guide surface of machine tools and special grinding machines for grinding turbine blade profiles.

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