The Application of Slip Ring in Robot

In view of the complicated structure of the rotating joint of the existing robot, the inconvenience of installation and maintenance, and the non-universality, the 360 degree unrestricted rotation of the robot is realized by using the conductive slip ring, which is commonly called the electric slip ring to transmit the rotational connection of the power and the signal.

The Application of Slip Ring in Robot

The number of robot-specific slip ring channels can reach up to 300 channels, and can transmit Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, FireWire, servo motor signals, encoder signals, strain gauges, thermocouples and other signals.

The special slip ring for robots generally has the characteristics of low speed, high life and maintenance-free, and greatly solves the problem of stranded wire which is common in the robot market.

According to the robot application environment, the robotic slip rings are divided into two categories, namely industrial robot slip rings and special robot slip rings.

The so-called industrial robot is a multi-joint robot or a multi-degree-of-freedom robot for the industrial field.

Special robots are advanced robots other than industrial robots that are used in non-manufacturing and serve humans, including:

  • Service robot
  • under water robot
  • Entertainment robot
  • Military robot
  • Agricultural robot
  • Robotic machine

According to the types of industrial robot slip rings, including:

  • Robot arm slip ring
  • Automatic equipment slip ring
  • Stacker slip ring
  • Packing machine slip ring
  • Cotton catcher slip ring
  • Welding robot slip ring
  • Car light spraying robot slip ring
  • Automatic painting robot slip ring
  • Wireless robot slip ring
  • Medical robot slip ring
  • Handling robotic robot slip ring
  • Intelligent robot slip ring
  • Industrial robot slip ring

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