Thrust Ball Bearing

Thrust ball bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads at high speeds and consist of a washer-like ferrule with ball rolling groove grooves.

Thrust Ball Bearing

Since the ferrule is a cushion shape, the thrust ball bearing is divided into two types: flat base cushion type and self-aligning spherical seat cushion type.

In addition, this bearing can withstand axial loads but cannot withstand radial loads.


The thrust ball bearing is composed of seat ring, shaft ring and steel ball cage assembly.

The so-called shaft ring that cooperates with the shaft, and the seat ring that cooperates with the outer casing.


According to the force condition, it can be divided into the one-way thrust ball bearing and the two-way thrust ball bearing.

One-way thrust ball bearings can withstand one-way axial loads.

The two-way thrust ball bearing can withstand two-way axial load, in which the shaft ring is matched with the shaft.

The mounting surface of the seat is spherical and has a self-aligning performance, which can reduce the influence of installation errors.

Thrust ball bearings cannot withstand radial loads and have lower limit speeds.


  1. Available in one-way and two-way types
  2. In order to allow installation errors, either spherical or spherical, you can choose either spherical or spherical seat type or spherical seat type.
  3. High-quality steel – Ultra-clean steel with up to 80% longer bearing life
  4. High grease technology – NSK’s lubricant technology extends grease life and improves bearing performance
  5. High-grade steel ball – Quiet and smooth when turning at high speed
  6. Use the ferrules in the option to allow for installation errors.

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