Timing Belt Drive

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Synchronous belt drive means that the belt and the pulley are meshed to transmit motion and power.

Timing Belt Drive

The timing belt transmission is composed of a ring belt having an equally spaced tooth shape on the inner circumferential surface and a wheel having a corresponding anastomosis.

It combines the advantages of belt drive, chain drive and gear drive.

When rotating, the teeth are transmitted by meshing with the tooth grooves of the wheel.

The transmission belt transmission has an accurate transmission ratio, no slip, constant speed ratio, stable transmission, vibration absorption, low noise, and a large transmission ratio range generally up to 1:10.

Allow line speeds up to 50M/s and transfers power from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts.

Transmission efficiency is high, generally up to 98%,

Compact structure, suitable for multi-axis transmission, no lubrication, no pollution, so it can work normally in places where pollution and working environment are not allowed.

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